The Ultimate Rustic-Chic Event Barn Kit

The Ultimate Rustic-Chic Event Barn Kit

There is something timeless and traditional about a barn style home which is why barn home designs and the barn kits you will find at the Sand Creek Post and Beam Company are becoming so popular. With spacious interiors and strong architectural lines with post and beams used throughout, the space echoes the classic barn builds of the past while being current with today's design and style. The beautiful wooden interior, with a handcrafted staircase, knotty pine tongue and groove panelling and chandeliers makes for a beautiful and spacious structure. Besides barn structure making great homes, these structures can also be created to host events like weddings, dances and gatherings much like ht event barns you can get from Sand Creek Post and Beam. All Sand Creek Post & Beam structures will be pre-assembled in their factory to make sure everything is a perfect fit. Then, everything is dismantled to ship to the building site. All the customer needs is a foundation to build the home design on.

Commercial barns can be used for a wide variety of uses to include farmers markets, museums, wineries, art galleries and more. A commercial barn makes the perfect place to use for events such as spectacular weddings family reunions and special occasions. These breathtaking barn builds with their post and beam interiors make for the perfect backdrop for a variety of occasions. Barns can be used for everything from barn style home designs, commercial uses, for storage and so much more.

When it comes to building a barn home of your own, there are a couple of options including both modern newly built barn homes and rustic barns turned into houses. Sand Creek Post and Beam Company make it very easy to build a barn home or a barn structure for commercial use with several barn kits to choose from. When you purchase a prefab barn kit, you will receive the full dimension post and beam frame kit, with the rough-sawn exterior board and batten siding. Each prefab barn kit includes a construction guide booklet and consulting with full detailed instructions to be used by the builder. There is a barn foundation plan designed for a slab foundation, along with a roof insulation package that calls for pine tongue and groove and interior ceiling. The prefab barn kit has a vertically framed wall package and a perimeter down posts.

The prefab barn kit also includes the wall sheathing and house wrap, along with the powder coated plates, stair package, and railing. Building materials that the barn kit does not include are the interior finishes, the wall framing, drywall, and interior paint. So this leaves plenty of room to finish your barn interior the way you like. Barns used for weddings and events could be decorated by the people renting them out, or the owner could decorate the barn for the clients. Either way, a barn is a great, cozy gathering spot for many different occasions and provides more than enough space to host a large crowd of people.

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