1 Acre of Land for Sale Cheap, AZ $1,500 Lake View Off Grid!

1 Acre of Land for Sale Cheap, AZ $1,500 Lake View Off Grid!

Take a trek with Live Radical from YouTube on some vacant off grid land in Arizona. It's actually pretty cheap for a 1-acre parcel of this land; they're only asking $1,500 US with only $200 down. The piece of land even has a view of Lake Mead which is a nice feature, and it's even got some cell service which can be iffy in the desert. The only thing is, you'll need a 4x4 to access the parcel since it's on pretty rough terrain and only a partially groomed road. The area is called Meadview which is very close to the Nevada border as well as the Grand Canyon so it's situated in North Mohave County near the Hualapai Reservation. Las Vegas is also just to the West of the area which makes it a very convenient area to live to be close to shopping, hospitals and the airport. Plus all of the fun that Vegas has to offer as well. Living an off grid life in the desert would be a bit of a challenge, but it has been done many times before so it can be done. The great thing is if you were looking at building a house off the grid you would have plenty of sunlight to create some solar power for your off grid home.

Building a house off the grid would be fairly easy on this piece of land since it does have some flat areas. When you're building off grid in the desert the best style of building to build would probably be an Adobe home. Using a mixture of Earth and water mixed with some straw is usually how these houses are built. Adobe actually means mudbrick in Spanish and this type of housing has been built for centuries. When it comes to off grid housing, it's good to think about how some of the most ancient civilizations built their houses. If we look back in history, some of the very first houses we know of were built with mud bricks which are pretty fascinating. It's been used throughout the world in places like Egypt and South America, and even in Canada. While there are no timbers to be used in the desert, it's a good thing they can be shipped in so that the structures can have a good, solid framework in place. Another reason why adobe houses would be perfect for off grid living in the desert is because of their ability to keep quite cool in hot environments. There could also be good opportunity to build an off grid greenhouse to grow some food in, or have some plants that would thrive in the desert. The only thing that may be of concern is water, but there are always water tanks you can get, but this means you would have to haul water in and out of the property.

The land for sale is beautiful, with so much potential for an amazing off grid life. The native plant life is quite lush as well with some banana cactus and low brush. There may also be some rattlesnakes in the area which are pretty common in the desert. Once he gets up to the top of the hill, there is a great view of the lake from where he stands which would be such a nice view from the off grid house. You can check out episode 1 of The Off Grid Scout on Youtube using the link below. Links to this property are available in the YouTube video description.

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