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House Boats


Floating Tiny Houseboats Allow You To Have A Vacation On The Water

Forget all your troubles and float away in a tiny houseboat from Daigno.


Spend the Summer in A Houseboat on the Lake

Stay in the most comfortable accommodation right on the water.


A Muskoka Boathouse Renovation Makes for Modern Houseboat Living

This Muskoka Boathouse renovation was completed in 2007 by the Ottawa based studio Christopher Simmonds Architect.


A Luxurious Little House Boat

Get your own private pontoon for the ultimate houseboat experience.


Sail This Beautiful Boat House Across Sunsets

Luxury living on a boat? Havana House Boats has made it possible with their variety of houseboat designs available.


A Floating House That Appears to be Magically Suspended in the Middle of a Lake

This home really looks like it's floating in the centre of Lake Huron.


Ultra Modern Houseboat on the Amstel River in Amsterdam

The Water Villa home is an ultra modern 2,100 square foot houseboat on the Amstel River in Amsterdam.


The Fennell Residence a Houseboat Inspired By Nature - The Back of The Home is Incredible!

Inspired by nature and The Fennell Residence on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon turned out beautifully even though it presented some challenges along the way.


Sleek and Modern Houseboat from X-Architects in Dubai

For this incredible houseboat X-Architects out of Dubai collaborated with owner Leen Vandaele an interior decorator architect and design consultant from Squisito.


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