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The Denali: A Tiny Home with a Rooftop Porch

The Denali tiny home from Utopian Villas’ is designed to be the perfect tiny home away from home, a retreat from the daily grind.


Pacific Harmony Tiny Home Has A Main Floor Bedroom with a Murphy Bed

The Pacific Harmony is a tiny house on wheels designed by Handcrafted Movement.


The Clover Tiny House Has Some Pretty Clever Design Features

When it comes to tiny houses design is everything, and the Clover from Modern Tiny Living does a beautiful job of creating a functional and attractive design.


Can You Believe How Tiny The Smallest House in Great Britain Is?

It's pretty incredible, and a little bit funny to know that the smallest house in Great Britain was lived in by a person who was 6 feet and 3 inches tall.


Architect Builds a Tiny House Studio as a Private Workspace

This tiny garden studio located in a backyard in Toronto, Canada is sure to inspire.


Tiny House With a Sliding Roof Has a Loft That Opens to The Sky

La Tete dans les etoiles which translates to head in the stars is a tiny house designed topped by a roof that slides to open up the tiny bedroom to the elements.


Tiny Island House With A Folding Wall For Outdoor Living

This unique small house design has a floating wood stove and a folding wall to open up the space to the outdoors.


Tiny Fishing Cabin on Stilts - Take a Closer Look at the Large Sliding Barn Door!

This 350-square-foot tiny cabin is located on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington.


Cost Effective Polycarbonate Cabin - Perfect for Your Small House Living Needs

This polycarbonate tiny house is an affordable vacation home in Chile.


NOMAD Tiny Homes Can Be Used Singly or Combined in Modules To Suit Your Needs

The NOMAD Cube is a tiny house building that can move and adapt to almost any location.


This Award Winning Tiny Home in Essex is Clad in Cork

The Redshank is a tiny house that looks hovers above the Essex marshland on steel poles that are painted red like the legs of the wading bird that is its namesake.


The Mortgage Payment on this Tiny Home would be about $375 per Month, Have You Considered the Benefits of Tiny House Living?

Some people are saving more than $400 per month on living expenses just by living in a smaller home.


Off Grid Tiny House That Doubles As A Summer Yoga Retreat in Greece

This tiny house on wheels is a bespoke eco-retreat on the island of Crete, Greece.


An Old Shed Transformed Into a Super Stylish Tiny House... You Won't Believe The Before And After

Getting a suite on your property may be easier than you think.


A Green Tiny House Design With a Bit More Space

For those who think that living in a tiny house on wheels is "too tiny," there is great option for a small home design.


Magenta Is The Tiny House You Definitely Can't Miss

Here's a tiny house no one will miss.


The Site Shack is A Tiny Prefab Cabin That Sets up In Minutes

The Site Shack is a 96 square foot prefab cabin building with a wood burning stove, a desk and storage that just gets dropped into place.


This Tiny House Is Perfect For Stargazing With It's Removable Roof!

This tiny house on wheels takes stargazing to a whole new level.


Writer's Block Tiny Cabin - Storage For a Canoe Under Its Bed and Workbench

Located in Westport, Maine on the banks of the Sheepscot River, the 190-square-foot hideaway features windows arranged to maximize views and allow for passive heating and cooling.


Two Bedrooms in Only 140 Square Feet? This Tiny House Shows it's Possible

Baluchon is a tiny house builder based out of Brittany, France who builds inspiring tiny houses.


The True Studio - Modern Tiny Houses Built From Recycled Shipping Containers

Modern Dwellings True STUDIO is designed and constructed from utilizing a steel shipping container as the shell for the base structure.


A Tiny Cabin Retreat That Sits on Boulders

This tiny cabin retreat is like nothing you've seen before.


This Modern Tiny Shed Has A Retractable Roof

These modern wooden sheds from architectural design studio Rever & Drage feature a tiny hut with a retractable roof and a couple of sheds that easily slide open to offer scenic views of the nearby fjord.


Little House - A Tiny House That Overlooks Washington's Puget Sound

The Little House is a compact cabin building that is located in a Washington forest.


The Tiny Home That Has Nothing To Hide

This is a home that literally has nothing to hide with all of the walls being floor to ceiling windows, this home is completely transparent.


West Coast Tiny House On Wheels - The Built In Couch Is Amazing!

The West Coast tiny house on wheels is built by Summit Tiny Homes in the Okanagan of British, Columbia.


The Interior of The Heritage Tiny House is Amazing - Wait Till You See the Bathtub!

The Heritage is a tiny house on wheels from Summit Tiny Homes in the Okanagan of British Columbia.


Off Grid Living in The Napa Edition From Mint Tiny House Company

When it comes to small house living, there are more options available today than ever before.


The Orchid Is A Tiny House With Lighting Inspired by The Solar Eclipse!

The solar-powered Orchid has a lofted king-sized bedroom and an extra hideaway bed that make this home the ideal as an off-grid dwelling.


This Tiny House on Wheels Stays Warm at 20 Below!

This cozy tiny house on wheels is inspired by wooden Vargo wagons and is built to last a Colorado winter.

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