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Tiny Houses


An Architect Builds His Own Tiny House Studio Retreat to Escape the City

This modest cabin building is a single room with just enough space for a chair or cot or chair, was designed and built by architect Nicholas Hunt.


Tiny House Connected to the Beach And Nature

With a location set close to the beach, surrounded by stunning views this tiny house design fits in perfectly where it sits.


This Tiny House is a Mini Mansion on Wheels

When it comes to small houses on wheels, there are so many different designs and floor plans that are all unique and interesting in their own ways.


Exploring Made Easy in the Lewis and Clark Tiny House

Check out this awesome tiny house on wheels.


One Mom's Sweet Empty Nest Tiny House

This rustic and charming tiny house on wheels was built by Michelle Jonice, whose small house living journey started when she was just 12 years old.


The Escape Vista Tiny House Is The Perfect Home For Nature Lovers

The Vista tiny house on wheels is an elegant tiny house design built with quality craftsmanship.


The Waterhaus, A Tiny Sustainable Prefab Tiny Home

This modern, stunning tiny house building emphasizes sustainable and healthy living in its design.


A Sweet Small Townhouse in Denmark Shows How To Make the Most Of Your Tiny House

This charming small townhouse in Denmark is located in an alley near the center of the Danish port city of Holbaek.


The Zen of Sustainable Tiny Housing

Tiny house designs are popping up in the best of places.


A Tiny Home Custom Build Used as a Full-Time Residence

You will fall in love with this Roca Residence tiny house.


The House-Box: A Horse Box Turned Tiny House

The House-Box tiny house on wheels is tucked away in the secret garden of Kinton Quarry, it is a handcrafted haven on wheels that has lovely views of the surrounding Welsh hills.


How to Enjoy Big Comfort in a Small Footprint With This Stylish Tiny House on Wheels

Now, this is a tiny house that anyone could get comfy in.


A Peaceful Tiny House With a Very Interesting Design

Every detail of this tiny house is perfect, from its wooden floors to its front covered patio and surrounding scenery, this tiny house makes small house living look good.


What It Lacks in Size The 2 Plus Classic Tiny House Certainly Makes up for in Design

The 2 Plus Classic is a one-bedroom prefabricated tiny house manufactured by Freedomky in the Czech Republic.


A Reclaimed Tiny House Looking Gorgeous Inside and Out

Do you dream of having your own unique, one-of-a-kind retreat cabin that you can get away to and relax in? The owners of the La Arboleda Retreat Cabin located on their ranch in the central Texas hill country did just that, with the help of Reclaimed Space.


The Caboose is a WheelHaus Original Flagship Park Model Home

Tiny home living has never been as popular as it is today, with a large variety of options, styles, designs and plans to choose from.


Build An Affordable Arched Tiny Home

Here is a company that provides some very affordable and very cool looking tiny cabins.


Small House Living In A 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion

This 1959 Spartan renovation is a good lesson in what you can achieve in a tiny house design.


Unique Mountain Mansard Tiny House Built With Reclaimed Building Materials

With so many small house plans out there, it's nice to see this unique take on small house living.


This Northern California Tiny House Blends Perfectly With Its Country Location

This Northern California bathhouse is a cheerful 260 square foot tiny home designed by Richardson Architects.


Inspiring! Couple Quit Their Jobs to Travel Around North America in Their Mobile Tiny Home

While some people park their tiny houses on wheels on a property and live stationary, there are those who choose to live mobile in their tiny houses.


Such an Amazing Tiny Home Built for Under $28,000

This tiny house building is worth taking a closer look.


Small House Living And Green Building Workshops

This is such a great source for tiny house plans.


Isn't This Adorable Island Tiny Cabin a Perfect Vacation Getaway? What a View!

This attractive little cabin building overlooks the coastal waters and islands of British Columbia.


Grain Silo Converted Into A Tiny House Loft Apartment in Texas

You will adore this Grain Silo tiny house building.

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