A Beautiful And Cozy Tree House Cabin

A Beautiful And Cozy Tree House Cabin

Lynn Knowlton made her tree house dream a reality. Lynn, an Interior Designer who lives just outside of Toronto, Canada, had always wanted a tree fort of her own and decided one day that she was going to make her wish a reality. Lynn built the most amazing tree house on her property using 100% recycled materials, the wood was taken from her friend’s barn that was blown over in a tornado. While the windows were reclaimed from old houses and even an old church for some stylish artistic window additions. There's even a big red slide that leads from the treehouse deck to the ground level patio. It's touches like these that make Lynn's treehouse a vision of childhood dreams, yet the interior design lends to a more grown-up style. People who want a little bit of adventure in their lives can stay at the tree house. It’s able to accommodate two adults very comfortably and would be the perfect retreat away from it all.

On the bottom level of the tree house underneath the support stilts that the building sits upon is a nice outdoor dining area. This would e an excellent place to have a dinner outdoors on a warm evening, or to have breakfast on a sunny morning. There are also swing chairs and hammocks galore which are easy to take a load off in any time of day. Up the stairs is another deck area that's elevated for great views of the surrounding land. There is also the slide that makes it easier and more fun to get down once you're up there. Even though everything is pretty rustic, there is still elegance and charm in every square inch of the home making it feel like a country haven. There are a couple of couches to relax on that look very cozy and a super comfortable bed to sleep in.

The kitchen may be small, but it's fine for just a short stay for those who don't need much. There is a sink with running water and a coffee maker which is all some may need. It would be nice to go out for dinner while visiting the area to test out some of the local cuisines. The use of the rustic wood brings some nostalgia and character to the tree house cottage making it appear as though it's been standing there for quite some time. Adding in white furniture and decor is a great way to brighten up the space while adding a fresh and crisp look that is very popular in country chic decor and design. Lynn uses her tree house as her little escape and sometimes her office when others aren't renting it out. It's the perfect place to focus and create and since Lynn is a blogger and a creator, she really enjoys spending her time working in the cabin. Even if you're not into building a tree house of your own, there's something that is undeniably charming about Lynn's treehouse that will maybe have you feeling like you need one of your own, or at least a night or two in hers.

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