A Cozy and Comfortable 5-Star Log Cabin

A Cozy and Comfortable 5-Star Log Cabin

Sometimes a simple and comfortable log cabin is all you need for a great vacation. Whether it's the summer or the winter, this log cabin in Germany would be a wonderful place to have a getaway. This same renter also has 8 more log cabins and apartments of various sizes that are available for rent, and they also get a German Tourism Association rating of 5 stars, so you can rest assured it's a great place to stay. The traditional log cabin has a naturally warm and pleasant atmosphere that just creates a sense of relaxation and wellbeing. This particular cabin is also brand new and was just built in 2018. It was created out of solid logs in the block or square shape which gives the home an entirely different profile than a log home built out of rounded logs. The square logs are manufactured which helps to create a uniform shape and size of log that will be uniform. So they will fit together perfectly and provide a tight seal for the log home and maintain an even temperature within the home no matter what the temperature is outside. This style of log building is also great because it creates a sleek profile on the outside, as well as on the inside which can make it easier to decorate and set up furniture.

Many log homes from the past were also built using square logs as well, but they were handmade instead of machine-made like these logs most likely are. Another great feature of this log home is the many windows included in the design. There's also a huge patio door that opens up to a deck that would be a great place to sit out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Inside, the log cabin features smooth walls with the exposed square logs, so it really has that warm log cabin feel. The space is fairly small overall, but they did a great job of the floor plan and layout that it all works cohesively. The kitchen has everything guests need to make food including a stove and a small fridge as well as lots of dishes and cookware in the cabinets. There's also a great dining area with a gorgeous wood table and comfortable chairs, even a finished tree stump to use as a stool. The living area is close by and comfortably fits a sectional sofa and a wood coffee table to match the dining table. There's a fireplace as well, but it's not built-in like many of the fireplaces in log homes, and cabins are. This fireplace is a stand-alone fireplace with a modern look which fits the decor of the log cabin. There's also a TV in the living room as well which would be perfect for snuggling up and watching movies.

There are a total of two private bedrooms and one bathroom in total in the vacation log home so it would be great for a couple, a small family or four adults. One of the beds is up in the loft while the other is on the main floor. Each has a comfortable bed, and all linens are included. The bathroom is also a great space with a shower, toilet, sink and even a towel warmer which is always nice. People are also welcome to bring their pets to this lovely log home, so you won't have to leave them at home alone. There are also so many activities to do surrounding the log cabin so you'll never have a dull moment unless that's what you want. How would you spend your vacation time in a log cabin like this?

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