A Different Kind Of Eco House

A Different Kind Of Eco House

This one of a kind elevated eco-house looks like a tree from the outside, and has a cozy interior living space you'll love. This unique tiny house is by Elevate Structure and what's especially amazing about this tiny house is that it offers a great way to be environmentally friendly. The base of this tiny house is just 40 square feet which also helps to minimize the impact that this home has on the ground it sits on, but there is also water storage in there too for up to 1,500 gallons of water. The base of the home design acts as the trunk of the tree while the top portion is the living quarters and is covered with greenery making it look like the top of a tree. Having greenery growing on the home provides shade, cooling, CO2 mitigation and it looks beautiful and natural.

You've most likely already seen a living roof or walls on a building which is common, but a whole living home design is very original. The upper level of this tiny house building is customizable and can range anywhere from between 256 square feet and 800 square feet depending on what the person needs. Currently, the company who designs these unique living tiny house building offers six different home designs to choose from, and they are customizable. Inside this cute living tiny house building, you will find surfboards, woven textiles, and wicker furniture that lends to its natural appeal.

It would be nice to see more tiny houses around the world like this, it is a good idea to start incorporation green living ideas into homes, and help lessen our carbon footprint, and add some needed benefits to the environment. The rooftop alone on this tiny house building collects rainwater and helps with stormwater reduction. There are rooftop deck options with this design, along with solar power options. The elevated design of this tiny house makes it Tsunami resistant, gives flooding security, along with greater home security and allows for parking down below.

Many places around the world are encouraging people to have green rooftops with plants and life on them to offset the pollution in the cities and great more green spaces. Also, people are finding that going smaller in their home floorplan also helps to reduce their footprint as well as their living expenses. This tiny house building would provide a small space to live in without having to live in a multi-unit building. They could be built as laneway home design or on one lot as a grouping of eco-friendly housing. It's innovations like this that are leading us to a brighter, and greener future.

These unique tiny house buildings are a one of a kind build, that you could use as a vacation home in a natural setting, like a tree house guest house, backyard office or artist studio. These unique small house plans for a portable tree-house living, help to increase the supply of short-term rental units, create unique living experiences and fit into backyards extremely well.

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