A Green-roofed Hobbit Eco Home

A Green-roofed Hobbit Eco Home

With tiny house building being more popular than ever, a company is now producing hobbit-like designs that boost energy efficiency, and all the amenities you need to live comfortably. Magic Green Homes make these prefab composite laminated panels that can be easily put together in about three days, by three people. These tiny house buildings are about 400-square feet in size. Once the tiny building is put in place, they are then covered by earth. Magic Green Homes make these tiny house building using prefab vaulted panels and then covers them with soil, which creates a flexible green-roofed tiny house building that is like that of a hobbit house.

The best part about these tiny house designs is that they are so easy to make, that anyone can build one. The Green Magic Homes are made of prefab vaulted panels that are manufactured with composite laminate building materials and confined by walls in the reinforced soil. The tiny housing is so easy to assemble and features perforated flaps to easily screw and seal the tiny house building components together. Because of this technology, the tiny home buildings can be adapted to any type of topography and then customized to fit the owner's individual needs. The nice thing about these tiny houses is that customers can start small and then purchase more panels which will allow them to expand their tiny house buildings as they go. To build these tiny house designs it only three people to assemble with no special building skills or heavy equipment.

A green or living roof has many benefits when they are used for your tiny house design. Green roofs can help with absorbing rainwater and helping to create a habitat for wildlife. Green roofs can also provide insulation to help keep the tiny house building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, and the roofs can also help to decrease stress because they are so aesthetically pleasing. Green roofs can also help to lower the urban air temperature. A green roof on these tiny house building helps to keep your house warm and, more energy efficient than installing solar panels. These tiny house buildings would be great as an off-grid house, which means not being connected to the main power grid. These tiny house buildings are easy to put together, and for an off-grid living situation, you would only need to then have an energy source to power your lights and any appliances you might have.

The technology for these Magic Green Home designs draws from various methods of earth construction and stabilization, such as the superadobe and that of geotextiles. Composite ducts and channels for water pipes, electrical wiring and mechanical ventilation ducts can also be added to the shell of the home design at any point. The trick with this type of housing construction is to achieve the adequate amount of ventilation and water-proofing, which these homes address in a new way by creating strong, waterproof, modular inner shells that structurally collaborate with the earth.

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