A Log Cabin Interior Inspired by European Fairytales

A Log Cabin Interior Inspired by European Fairytales

This log cabin is the stuff that dreams are made, with large logs used throughout and plenty of wood for a wood cabin design that is cozy and warm. The main room of the log cabin design features a unique fireplace with a table and log stools for the perfect place to sit down in front of the fire and enjoy mealtime together. The main light and the front door of the wood cabin feature unique hardware that also gives this rustic cabin building a beautiful look all of its own.

This cabin building has details inside and out that make for the perfect vacation retreat. The location also helps to make this a place you will never want to leave. This cabin building comes from the Top Dom architects who tried to gather everything that’s best in a small cottage plan and place it into this wood cabin. The Russian architectural design company tried to create a wood cabin that looks just like the ones described in Russian fairytales, which was what served as the inspiration for this cabin design. The variety of natural building materials and elements are what give this small cottage plan its unique charm, with the main appeal of the cabin building being the spacious veranda and the modern interiors. The exterior of the cabin building was created paying attention to every small detail and the surrounding forest, which blend harmoniously into the forest. This cabin building can is much like a work of art, with not a detail missed.

The front covered veranda on this small log cabin is like nothing you've seen before. It provides a cozy space perfect for cover during all kinds of weather, with a bench and small table and chairs to sit back and enjoy your morning coffee or tea. There are all sorts of details throughout with a carved owl on the front porch, unique storage ledges and shelves, a checkerboard carpet on the floor, and so much more. The bathroom shower has so many details that inspire, with beautiful flooring, a unique wooden shower, rustic wood paneling, a wooden sink like no other, and a toilet that is more like a piece of art than anything. And if that weren't enough, there is a wooden bathtub that sits beside a window that lets in plenty of natural light. The hardware on the large wooden door does give this cabin building a fairytale feel. The steps for the wooden tub are a unique feature that would be easy to replicate and can be used throughout your cabin building for tables and seating.

It's exciting to tour this beautifully crafted wood cabin, as each room is unique from the last. The stairs in this fairy tale wood cabin are also great with each wooden step placed individually for an artful look. The upstairs bedroom is a good sized with a queen sized bed, large log beams and a small window, so you don't get too much light and the best sleep. The adorable toadstool inspired seating is also beautifully crafted and offers up a place to store a bottle of wine to enjoy while you sit at the table in this cozy cabin building and design. This fairytale cabin building is a one of a kind design that showcases the talent of its local designers and craftsmen.

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