A Log Home with Asian-Inspired Architecture

A Log Home with Asian-Inspired Architecture

Building a brand new home is one of the biggest investments a person will ever make, so it's important to be sure about the design of the home you'll be living in for years to come. While designing of a new home, having the best team on your side will make everything run a lot smoother as well. Each different home matches the personalities of the people living inside, and Moss Creek a log home builder based in Tennessee understands that very well. They look at each new project with fresh eyes and also look at the different needs and styles of their customers while deciding on a plan. They are very comprehensive in their design and build process of their log homes, which is why so many people have trusted them with their home build. This sis a very talented team of designers and builders who are passionate about building rustic log homes. Not only do they build charming and cozy cabins like the one you see here, but they also built luxury log homes and timber frame houses as well. They can build something completely traditional, or they can create a brand new contemporary style home as well. Even though the company is located in Tennessee, they travel throughout the United States to find the best logs and timber so they can bring their customers the best quality products.

This smaller log cabin is one of their more contemporary designs with a Japanese inspired roofline that fits the home beautifully. From the exterior, the home appears to be small, but then on the interior, it's open and spacious. That's thanks to the full walls of windows encircling the entire home expanding the home out into the natural landscape. There's also a set of doors that opens up onto the large deck built onto the front of the home as well which would make for great summer BBQs and relaxing days. The high ceilings in the home also draw the eye upward which creates the illusion of more space within the home. The beams and timbers used in the project are gorgeous offerings that natural style we all love so much. The kitchen is open to the living room and dining area which helps to connect all of the living spaces nicely. The log cabin also features the amenities of a regular home's kitchen including full-size appliances and plenty of cabinets and countertops making this cabin feel like a regular home. It could also be used as a full-time home and not just a cabin depending on the owner's needs.

The first step involved in each Moss Creek custom log home is for their team to visit the customer's property and see exactly why they chose it and why they love it. This gives the team a chance to go over some of the different design and placement options for the home as well as any concerns as far as constraints go for the home. At this time they are also open to hearing the customer's ideas and visions for what they would like to see on their property and their ideal home design. After the site is reviewed thoroughly, the next step is to start planning out the home's design. This is the fun part where customers can come together with Moss Creek's designers and make their dreams a reality. Once the design is refined and the customer is sure of it, the construction documents can be created and then all of the materials can be purchased as well as permits and foundations laid so that construction can begin.

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