A Pair of Stone Cottages in Beautiful Tamar Valley, Cornwall

A Pair of Stone Cottages in Beautiful Tamar Valley, Cornwall

The Little Gillyflower is a self-catering stone cottage that is set in the beautiful Tamar Valley near Gunnislake on the Cornwall and Devon border. The cozy small cottage home has a peaceful river setting with an outside fire pit, perfect for toasting marshmallows underneath the stars. The luxury riverside self-catering small cottage homes offer guests a blissful escape for two with beautiful natural surroundings, and unique small house plans that feel light and spacious. The great thing about these stone cottages is that you can stay in them if you'd like.

The River Tamar flows through the lands that were once part of a large estate that was owned by the Duke of Bedford. The two nearly identical stone small cottage homes were built in the mid-19th century to house the families of workers who were employed by the estate. Both the stone small cottage homes had fallen into a state of complete disrepair until the two were purchased by the current owners of the property, who saw the potential of the cottages to use them as vacation rentals. Local craftsmen were used in the rebuilding of the original stone walls, to install new slate roofs, and to create the cozy modern living spaces you see today. The refurbished stone cottages were named Little Gillyflower and the Little Otterling. This restored worker's small cottage homes date from the mid-19th century and has 590 square feet of space on the main floor and a bedroom in the attic.

Each of the stone small cottage homes has a footprint of 590 square feet, although the thickness of the stone walls reduces the interior space quite a bit. Both of the small cottage homes share the same floor plan. There are a staircase and a woodstove that divide the open ground floor in two, along with an entry and a kitchen at one end of the cottage and a living/dining room at the other end. The attic space has a bedroom and a bathroom, with new skylights that were added for light and air. These restored worker's cottages date back from the mid-19th century has 590 square feet of space on the main floor and a bedroom in the attic. Despite having the same sort of layout and being almost identical on the interior, the two stone cottages both look quite different inside. The Little Otterling stone cottage has a very contemporary black and white color scheme while the Little Gillyflower has more of a traditional cottage look with comfy window seats, pastel and floral decor and a farmhouse sink. Both of these charming stone cottages are available to rent.

The location of these two small cottage plans is just as beautiful as the cottages themselves. There are plenty of wildlife-spotting opportunities all around at this UNESCO site. You might see barn owls, osprey, spoonbills, kingfisher, peregrine falcons, and dragonflies. You may even see the occasional otter along the river banks. Go out for a walk and have a picnic in the wildflower meadows which surround the small cottage plans or sit alongside the meandering river. There is plenty to see and do when staying in these charming stone cottages. Go for a hike or do some cycling, or check out one of the local galleries, theatre or studios. You can either choose to either make something to eat yourself, or you can enjoy some in-house cuisine. Have an in-house chef prepare a lovely meal for you. And there are good places to eat out in the Tamar Valley with lots of pubs that serve traditional dishes and good ales.

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