A Quaint Log Cabin by the Woods

A Quaint Log Cabin by the Woods

The Casita log house is a 905 square foot cabin building with one bedroom, one bathroom and a loft option that adds a 1/2 bath. The cabin building has 625 square feet on the main floor with a 280 square foot loft. This lovely wood cabin is a nice size for a couple or small family to use as a vacation home at a location you enjoy spending time. The wrap around porch on this cabin building is perfect for spending time outdoors. The wood cabin has an open living room/kitchen and dining area, with a bedroom and bathroom on the main floor.

To save on the basics for your log home, Mammoth Mill and Construction established their own, in-house log mill. They start by selecting the timbers, cutting and measuring them down right at their facility in Angel Fire, New Mexico. This means that they can eliminate the costs of extra transit, the middlemen and markups that you will see on your final bill with other homebuilders. They want your log home to be a space for relaxation, togetherness, joy and timelessness, not stress and anxiety from worrying about expenses. They like to say that Mammoth Mill log homes are an attainable luxury. Part of what makes these log house builders unique is in their commitment to sourcing sustainable, standing dead timbers. They regionally handpick the timbers, ensuring that they are dry, stable and come from higher elevations.

This means value for your money with a solid, custom-built log house that is crafted with sustainably-sourced building materials and unique details. With Mammoth Mill, you can look forward to a lot of cabin building without a lot of money. Whether it’s a building material they distribute themselves or one that is offered by a partner of Mammoth Mill, they use their years in the industry to hand down savings onto you. With building materials such as windows, fixtures, roofing which can add up quickly, they can keep costs as low as possible.

They start with groundbreaking log house designs, deep passion and expertise. They source superior building materials, employ state-of-the-art log house processing and deliver unmatched craftsmanship. Their clients love their log homes because of their warmth, unique details, and subtle sophistication. Mammoth Mill and Construction is proud to be a family-owned business. They love what they do, and everyone that they are fortunate enough to work with knows it. Mammoth is not your run-of-the-mill company; they are thrilled to design and build log homes that celebrate the environment, providing you with a cherished space for you and your family for generations to come. This means you really can have it all, a cozy wood cabin in the woods with beautiful, one-of-a-kind woodwork, tiling and accents, plus modern amenities such as full IT home systems, luxury finishes and high-end appliances. Mammoth Mill Construction builds log homes that are distinctly warm and woodsy, grand and unique, light and spacious, grand and unique, their log homes represent an effortless evolution they are pioneering, of the classic log house and timber home.

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