A Remarkably Stylish Small Studio Tree House Cabin

A Remarkably Stylish Small Studio Tree House Cabin

If you are inspired by simple tiny cabin designs, have a look at this Visible Studio. A cabin building project like this one shows that you can build a small cabin quite affordably and use it as you see fit. You can even build quite a stylish looking home or have one built for you that is within your budget. Piers Taylor of Invisible Studio Architects believes that style is not just a luxury that we add onto a home, style is something that is a part of every project they do. In fact, the design and style of a home is quite integral to showing the client's own personal character, giving the client a chance to express themselves through their home's style.

Even this small studio cabin, though it is built quite simply, it is also built very stylishly. The values the company also holds in regards to environmental impact are wonderful as well. They aim to find building materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible and they incorporate passive design whenever they can. The company has received many awards for their homes, larger buildings and tiny cabin designs and they continue to strive to step outside of the box and provide their clients with extraordinary architecture.

This cabin building makes great use of logs, wood as well as windows and transparent materials to make this cabin studio a very impressive piece of art. The front face of the cabin building consists of windows and the rest of the space is made up of polycarbonate material, which is a great way to take advantage of getting the most sunlight in the space without having to buy too many windows. The light that the polycarbonate type of material lets in, with the clear windows brings so much to the interior space, and is what make this the Visible studio. The lofty feeling that the support beams give the home by raising it up off of the ground make it appear even more interesting. Placing a home on stilts like this is a design choice that keeps the environmental impact of the home rather low, since the interference with the forest ground is minimal. Plus, its a great spot to park a vehicle so it stays dry. The inside of the studio is left quite plain, with exposed framing, but it suits the build and the style it is showcasing.

Tiny cabin designs like this one would be fairly simple to execute on your own and this project only cost around $20,000 to create. So its great to know that there are affordable options when it comes to building wood cabins on your own. This particular cabin building acts as a studio in Bath, England, and is the perfect little woodsy retreat for someone who wants to enjoy time in nature while working. It might be pretty hard to become stressed out in this awesome cabin building surrounded by trees. The company has also built timber buildings and even schools and hotels and they are continuing to add to their portfolio as time goes on. It can be really amazing to see what kinds of tiny home designs people from all around the world can come up with.

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