A Tiny House from a Storybook Page

A Tiny House from a Storybook Page

At The Wee House Company, they draw on timeless, classic tiny house design principles to create tiny homes with character and charm. Each of the Wee House designs reflects the style of its surroundings and never compromise on functionality or energy efficiency. You can be comfortable knowing that your Wee House will comply with the government dwelling house standards and, with the enhanced building envelope insulation, your heating and hot water bills are as little as $525 per year. A Wee House design is a great solution if you have an ageing parent that would benefit from living closer to you, a son or a daughter who is ready to move out, or if you are looking to downsize. Other reasons for a tiny house include if you are looking for a great return on a holiday accommodation or if you are looking for an elegant, cost-effective new tiny home.

The one bedroom Wee House is a charming tiny house design that could fit in perfectly with your needs and be used for a variety of uses. The charming details make this tiny home feel cozy right from the start. It's easy to imagine the one bedroom Wee House in the location of your dreams, whether that be in the countryside, beside the lake or next to the ocean. The double doors further add to this tiny house designs appeal, with a metal roof, and lots of windows to let in natural light, this tiny house is perfect wherever it goes. Decorate it inside and out to suit your style. With plenty of tiny house designs to choose from The Wee House Co. has something to suit your budget, lifestyle and needs.

The Wee House Co. is located in Scotland. You'll want to take a look at the tiny house designs available even if you are just looking for a bit of inspiration for a tiny house of your own. The Wee House Co. is committed to creating tiny homes that are long-lasting, beautiful and robust. The classic architectural design and sustainability are what sets Wee House Co. apart from others. Their focus is on providing great service which means that they can guide you through the whole process from design to completion. Once you have planning consents in place, your Wee House design could be built in just eight short weeks. Five weeks of this time is spent in their manufacturing facility and only three weeks on your building plot. They endeavour to get your tiny house built with speed and efficiency, by giving you a high-quality home in no time at all.

A prefab tiny house design is a good way to get the extra space that you need. Whether you are looking for something for full-time living, or a tiny house for the in-laws, a tiny prefab house such as the ones you will find from Wee Hosue Co. is a great way to know exactly what you are getting, and to have the tiny house that you need in no time at all.

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