A Tiny House With An Inspiring Interior Built in 40 Days

A Tiny House With An Inspiring Interior Built in 40 Days

This couple, Pascal and Catherine built their first tiny house building in just 40 days, and they are currently living in it as their second home. The couple from Kamouraska, Canada, started the tiny house building company called Ma Maison Logique, which in English translates to my logical house. Pascal designed the tiny house building to withstand the cold Canadian winters by installing a tiny wood stove and using triple pane windows. The couple also installed an air exchange vent in the bathroom to help keep the fresh air moving throughout, and they used natural, non-toxic paint and oil finish to ensure they had good air quality indoors.

Catherine is an interior designer, and she's added simple home design touches throughout the tiny house building to make the tiny home seem more spacious, while at the same time keeping the space cozy and comfortable. This tiny house design is one of the prettiest home designs you'll see, and even though it's a standard tiny house building size, it feels a lot larger and seems like it would be an excellent design for long-term living. This tiny house building is a great place to start if a tiny house design is something that might be in your future.

A tiny house on wheels is a great way to take your home with you whenever you like. For many a tiny house on wheels is the ultimate living situation. The idea of a nomadic lifestyle where you can experience different places and communities is wildly appealing to many people these days and is why you see such momentum with the small house movement. A tiny house on wheels is the perfect home design for anyone with a wanderlust approach to life, for people who don’t want to be tied down but want a place to call home. Living on the road in a tiny space isn’t anything new really, people have been embracing the nomadic lifestyle for thousands of years.

Since the beginning of humans on Earth, people have had to move from one place to another to hunt and harvest food, and sometimes to seek shelter from the extreme weather conditions or predators threatening their lives. Some people have continued with this nomadic lifestyle, finding comfort being on the road, always excited to explore new places or to see an old place with new eyes. Living in a small house on wheels brings a sense of a home base to people who move around for work a lot too. This means not having to sell your current house or to give up a great rental just to have to find another one in a new place and being able to bring your tiny home with you. It gives a sense of familiarity and comfort too because your tiny house design is always with you wherever you go. These days a tiny house on wheels is a great way to get the flexibility and freedom you need, and the best part is you can design your tiny house building to suit your lifestyle, budget and needs.

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