Adorable Dormer Loft Cottage - An 18 Foot Tiny House on Wheels

Adorable Dormer Loft Cottage - An 18 Foot Tiny House on Wheels

This tiny house is 8 feet 6 inches wide by 18 feet long and 13 feet 5 inches tall. This tiny home by Molecule Tiny Homes sold for $75,000 with decks, companion studio, and the installation hook ups. The front angle view has a fold up the deck in down position. The front view of the tiny house is with the deck down. The kitchen has a two-burner range, fridge, microwave, and lots of storage. The bathroom has a shower/tub combo, shelves, vanity, and a flush toilet. The kitchen features shelving built into walls.

For the past 12 years, Molecule Tiny Homes has been building and specializing in unique one of a kind custom built tiny homes mounted onto flatbed equipment trailers, along with full diversity construction techniques. Whether you need a tiny house, a studio, a hunting cabin building or a custom shed, they have the skills and the experience to make your vision come true. Their tiny houses are either built following the imagination and the inspiration of the tiny house builders, or the ideas of the client. All features of their tiny homes are fully customizable to perfectly match the dream of the client. They are a tiny house building company, who design and build tiny houses on flat bed trailers. Their tiny houses are fully customized to suit your lifestyle and needs. They are located in Santa Cruz California. And the other location is in Chattaroy, Washington.

In the tiny house design, the water supply is connected to the tiny house with a garden hose style connection for both ease and simplicity. The water can be supplied through an existing home’s water system, a well, from a tank, or a cistern. This helps to provide cold water to the tiny house and the on-demand propane water heater. All of the plumbing fixtures in the tiny house are normal including the flush toilet. The drain/sewer for the tiny house is through a 3 inch ABS pipe that can easily be connected to conventional sewer, RV style holding tank or septic. The sinks and the tub drains could also easily be separated from the main drain to utilize any gray water systems.

When it comes to small houses on wheels, you will first want to check with your local bylaws to see whether or not it is allowed within your city limits. The local bylaws in an area are typically determined by the city, the county and the state zoning regulations along with the building codes. You'll also want to know if the location where you live allows for small houses on wheels in the backyard of an already existing home. Often the laws for RVs are very similar to small houses on wheels, but you will want to do your homework first so that you know all the facts. A small house on wheels is great wherever you place it, whether that location is at the lake, a piece of property that you want to spend some more time at or your backyard.

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