Adventure Seekers Will Love to Spend a Night in a Skylodge

Adventure Seekers Will Love to Spend a Night in a Skylodge

With movements like the tiny house movement, eco-homes and other types of innovative housing, people are getting incredibly creative with home design. And if you don't want to live in an eco-home you can just spend a couple of nights in one to get a feel for how these spaces work and an appreciation for all of the thought and innovation that goes into these buildings. After seeing this Skylodge, for example, you'll be blown away. The Skylodge houses adventurous travellers in glass pod clinging to a 400-foot cliff. So for anyone who enjoys an adrenaline rush, this might be the perfect getaway.

Located at the Natura Viva Skylodge in Peru's Sacred Valley, this interesting pod isn’t your typical vacation accommodation. It's definitely not going to be appealing to those with a fear of heights either. In these Skylodges, guests will stay in a glass pod that's literally hanging on a cliff. It's actually located on one of the highest peaks in that valley too. Although, it's not just a walk in the park to get to these pods either. The adventurous travellers must climb a 400-foot cliff face to reach their pod which is definitely not for the faint of heart. To get there it's a hike that involves using various zip lines across mountainous terrain, and finally an arrival at these small but well planned out pods hanging off the side of a cliff. You are dropped off at your destination and later guided back to the common world where you're rewarded with a dinner and some wine.

The ingenuity of the design is incredible, it consists of three capsule suites that can house a total of eight people. Each pod is constructed out of aerospace grade aluminum and weather-resistant polycarbonate. It measures 24 feet long, and 8 feet wide and is actually quite spacious inside with a dining area, bedroom area as well as a separate bathroom. There is even an eco-friendly toilet and sink up there. So it's nice that guests don't have to leave the comfort of their pod just to use the bathroom. Even though the pods are made out of glass, guests can still have privacy thanks to the custom curtains throughout the pod which close out the light and conceal the inside of the pod.

These cute little pods may just be a tourist attraction for now, but they could gain popularity in years to come. Especially with the tiny house movement and the increased interest in eco-friendly homes and creative spaces. It may be a practical living situation for those who like to live on the edge, or maybe we could see more of these pods build at other tourist attractions across the globe. The potential is limitless for these cute pods. Current prices to stay overnight and to get to the Skylodges start at 1,335 Sol which is about $400 US. Is your adventurous heart being pulled to these Skylodges in the sacred Peruvian Valley? How awesome would it be to stay in one of these pods?

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