Atlanta Designer Gives An Old Tiny House A Bright Remodel

Atlanta Designer Gives An Old Tiny House A Bright Remodel

It's always nice to see when a home can be transformed into something newer and nicer than before. That's what Carl Mattison, a designer from Atlanta, does best. It's easy to see that Carl loves color too since all of the homes he designs and decorates end up with pops of color. He also enjoys restoration projects, and even though he's not a contractor himself, he helps homeowners with their plans to create some of the most beautiful home restorations. One of his projects includes the tiny house in the Grant Park Historic District in Atlanta where he does most of his projects. He turned this home into the “jewel box” on its street by completely restoring and uplifting it. The home is a two bedroom and one bathroom home that was quite small, to begin with. But he took the original home and amplified it's amazing features and brought in some modern elements of design as well. He gave the outside of the home a fresh, bright blue coat of paint with some great lime green accents plus he added in some great flower boxes for some nice plants.

The inside is a lot more neutral though which looks great and will be flexible for changing up trends and styles. They went with a gray paint throughout the home with a white trim. Then they also added hardwood floors to warm it up a lot. He also removed walls to make the living and dining area open and spacious, which is always a great idea when you're renovating older homes. Since many older homes had compartmentalized rooms, so it's nice to open that up whenever you possibly can to create one open space. The dining area joins the kitchen, and the living room and the kitchen is open to both spaces as well.

Of course, with any home remodel, the kitchen is key. So Carl removed all of the old cabinets and countertops and replaced them with all brand new cabinets, granite countertops and even an island to create more dining space. He also added in some great stainless steel appliances which bring the home into the modern age. Everything looks wonderful together and creates a nice, cohesive floor plan that would be very easy to live in. In the living room, he restored the old fireplace, but instead of it being a working fireplace, he substituted it with some great candles for that nice fiery glow without the hassle of maintaining a fireplace. Sometimes in older homes, it's best to seal up older fireplaces when they haven't been properly maintained. Some of them aren't even up to code anymore either, so it's smart not to use them.

The bedroom features another fireplace that has some nice white painted brick and glass tiles. There's more than enough space for a king-sized bed and a dresser if need be. Plus there's a space for an office as well, which is nice for those who work from home. This space could also be used for a nice vanity set up for doing hair and makeup as well, which is also a great use of space. Otherwise, a small sofa or chaise would look great there too. The bathroom is connected to the bedroom with a large vanity that has granite countertops and tons of storage below. They also included a large shower with beautiful tile work. This home shows just what can be possible with some of these great smaller homes. It's always so nice to see what people can do with these older homes, making them look brand new while still keeping some of their classic charm.

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