Beautiful 1927 Ski Log Cabin For Sale - The Stone Fireplace is Perfect!

Beautiful 1927 Ski Log Cabin For Sale - The Stone Fireplace is Perfect!

This Mt Hood cabin building makes a great ski cabin. The well maintained 1927 cabin building has great winter access. The wood cabin is a one level cabin with two bedrooms with closets, two propane heaters and a wood fireplace. The cabin building has a covered front porch. All of the windows have storm windows too, which is good for closing it up in the winter. The cabin building has lots of storage in the kitchen and a spacious eating nook off the kitchen. There is lots of parking off the driveway and a large carport too. The cabin building also includes outbuildings. The Mt Hood cabin building is within walking distance to downtown Rhododendron, and Mt Hood National Forest Leased Land. The wood cabin is located in Rhododendron, Oregon.

With all the talk of climate change and global warming, people are changing the way they do things. The home that you build is one of the biggest decisions you will make, and one that affects the environment. Using wood for your wood cabin and log house designs are among the more sustainable practices you can do. Harvesting trees is a good thing, and for many reasons. Harvesting, processing and manufacturing building materials from wood carry the lowest environmental cost of any raw building material. So, substituting a wood building material with some other building material to save a tree can be ecologically unfriendly. A carefully managed, sustainable log harvest isn’t just about cutting down trees and cashing in on their commercial value. A managed forest is about implementing a plan that helps to encourage regeneration and the long-term well-being of the forests. By keeping forests open and healthy, creating conditions that allow for new growth and building wildlife habitat, a sustainable log harvest can help protect everything that is valued about the woods. These are just some of the things to think about when considering a log house or wood cabin design.

If a log house design or wood cabin is something you've always dreamed, there are several ways you can go about achieving this. To start, you will need to plan out the details for your log house plan to include budget, log house site and log house design. Whether you choose to build the log house yourself, buy a log house kit or hire contractors will depend on several factors. Building a log house yourself will be one of the biggest projects you will take on, but is sure also to be one of the most gratifying once the log house is complete.

Once you have your cabin building site, you'll need to select your logs and transport the logs to your cabin building site. The type of logs that you use will depend upon what is available locally, your personal preferences and your budget. Many people choose the wood that they can get cheap and local to save on transportation. This is a good idea; you can talk to local loggers, land clearing companies, wood mills and foresters to find out what tree species are plentiful in your area, and choose the log species that suits your log house design.

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