Blue ADU Nanostead Tiny House near Downtown Asheville

Blue ADU Nanostead Tiny House near Downtown Asheville

Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs are becoming very popular around the world. Especially in cities where there is a need for smaller homes and spaces that don't require a lot of property to be built on. This Blue ADU is a great example of how cute ADUs can bee and that they can be used for so many different purposes. This is a 384 square foot tiny house that's located near Downtown Asheville. It has a great floor plan with everything on the first floor and no upper level or lofts.

This would be a great single story home for someone with mobility issues or those who would just rather not have a ladder or stairs to climb. Built by Nanostead the Blue ADU takes about four months to build until it's ready to be used for whatever you need it for. They build the tiny house using high-quality materials and great design features to make it look modern and up to date. You'll notice they even use timber framing in the construction of the house which gives it a really sturdy build. The siding on the exterior is a board and batten siding that's been painted white, and they used a Dutch door as the main entry door including some windows up above it.

Inside, the tiny house is just as beautiful as the outside, including hickory floors and tiles in the bathroom. They even include things like a media nook and a work desk blended in with the kitchen cabinetry. The kitchen is a wonderful space all on its own too. It includes plenty of storage and countertop space as well as a mini stainless steel fridge, a microwave, a range and oven as well as a range fan overtop. They also included a nice deep sink with a flexible faucet for clean up. They kept the walls and the cabinetry white, which really opens up the space, and they also included some fresh subway tiles as the kitchen backsplash. The living room is directly across from the kitchen and work space, and they managed to fit a large sectional sofa in there which looks really comfortable. The ceiling fan in the centre of the space also provides some great air circulation, which is important in a smaller space.

The TV stands on the built-in shelving created specifically for it, and also, there is some storage beneath it as well. The ceilings are nice and high, which gives the illusion of more space, opening the home up to make it feel light and airy. On the other end of the house is the bedroom area which has plenty of space for a queen-sized bed. It's connected with the rest of the house keeping the space nice and open. Behind one of the barn sliding doors is the bathroom which has a flush toilet, sink and vanity as well as a shower. There's also lots of storage and the tiling in the bathroom is beautiful.

This tiny house design was built for $70,000, which is pretty reasonable for today's standards. Nanostead is a company that operates out of North Carolina started up by Jermay Stauffer. He not only builds tiny houses, but he also educates people on the tiny house movement because he's passionate about having a smaller footprint in this world. Even though the homes are built in North Carolina, they can be towed anywhere since some of them are built on wheels. Others can be built pretty much anywhere too as long as the company is up for it. Would you enjoy having a little cabin like this?

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