Can You Ever Have Too Much Deck? Floor Plans Available for this Park Model Log Cabin

Can You Ever Have Too Much Deck? Floor Plans Available for this Park Model Log Cabin

Choosing the plans to create your log home or cottage can be a very exciting process. But it can also be quite an overwhelming process too. That's why it's so great that there are so many log home designs and plans available to make your log home building process go smoothly. In the past, you would have to order your log cabin or home from a catalogue or a distributor in your area, but now, with the advancements in technology, log home plans and designs can be ordered from anywhere in the world. So you can order these full sized plans which include the cabin's floor-plan as well as the front, rear and side elevations drawn to 1 / 1/4″ scale in PDF format. Once you purchase the plans, you can print off the PDF at full-size to create a full-size blueprint. You can take the file to a print shop where they can print off the blueprints off for you.

Buying these log cabin plans also includes the fully editable AutoCAD file for this home plan. With this file, you will be able to have changes made to the plan by a technologist who has AutoCAD software which is required to edit the plan. We also offer modification services and custom log home plan design to provide 3D renderings to give you a visualization of your log cabin or home at $2 per square foot. Buying these plans is a great way to get started on realizing your log home dreams, and it can save you a lot of money in the long run on design fees. We can modify the log cabin plans to suit your needs whether it's removing a wall or adding a wall, to adding in more windows or another door. If you're wondering what it costs to build a log home or cottage from start to finish, it typically costs about $190 USD per square foot. For the log shell only which is just the exterior walls, floor, roof, windows and doors it usually costs about $75 USD per square foot. Then, the log house can be finished as you want it.

This log cabin design includes two bedrooms and one bathroom which would be great for a small family to use as a vacation cottage. It could also make for an excellent granny flat or a rental unit in a campground or restart. There is also a nice open living area at the front of the log cabin which makes the perfect space for a living room and a small dining area. The kitchen is close by which makes the space excellent for entertaining or daily meal preparation and there is enough space for regular sized appliances. Plus, there's also a great deck off the log cabin which would make for a great space to sit and relax in the warmer weather. The deck is a total of 1,044 square feet, and the inside of the home is 548 square feet offering a total of 1,592 square feet. A great place to enjoy summer vacations and relax with peace of mind.

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