Can You Really Get Free Land in America?

Can You Really Get Free Land in America?

We all know that land is always a valuable asset to have and it's usually a significant investment. Typically, land appreciates over time, and with that, it increases in price depending on where it's located. So you can sometimes end up being able to sell your land for a lot more than you originally purchased it for in the first place. Even though many people are interested in living in the city where all of the jobs and opportunity is, there are also a lot of people who are seeking land in the country to buy and live on or use as a recreational property. A popular topic right now seems to be how to obtain affordable land, and there's even word that you can get land for free in the United States if you're an American citizen over the age of 21. This sounds incredible, who wouldn't want free land? Think of all you could do with a piece of land all to yourself, it would be pretty liberating and exciting. But hold on, nothing comes this easy, so there must be a catch.

It turns out that there are a few catches involved in obtaining this free land that's being offered in areas like the desert of Nevada just outside of Las Vegas and also in Arizona. First of all, the location of the land isn't the most desirable for most people. It's out in the desert where there isn't a lot of vegetation or fertile land and water. This land won't usually include utility hookups either which can cost thousands to implement. The one stipulation for getting this free land is that you would have to build a house on the land within a certain time frame of taking ownership of the land. The home will also need to be a certain size to fit within the local requirements and bylaws for full-time residency. Usually, this will need to be above 400 square feet or so. So you can't just put a mobile home on the land, it has to be a proper home that's suitable to be a permanent residence.

While there is land available in Nevada and Arizona, there are even more plots of land available in Kansas for homesteading and this might be a place that is better suited to the homesteading lifestyle. There actually used to be an act called the Homesteading Act created by President Abraham Lincoln on May 20, 1862, which encouraged people to move and settle in remote areas of the country to create community and increase the value of the land. When you think about it, this is a smart thing to do because it also helps to fuel the economy and creates community. Of course, it's always important to do your research and find out all there is to know about any land you're considering and make sure you know all of the stipulations before you sign anything. You can watch more videos showcasing some of the free or affordable land in the United States and see if it's something that sparks your interest.

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