Cheap Land for Homesteading! Scouting 10 Acres for $3,750, Grand Canyon Arizona (EP. 1)

Cheap Land for Homesteading! Scouting 10 Acres for $3,750, Grand Canyon Arizona (EP. 1)

If you are interested in off grid living, you will want to watch this amazing video where a beautiful piece of property is being scouted for off grid life living. In this Live Radical Episode one, you get the chance to watch as 10 acres of off-grid life meadow acreage for sale is being scouted. This is a great piece of land, with views of the Grand Canyon and wide open space. This parcel of land only costs $3750, which works out to less then $400 per acre, that is an excellent price for that much land. If an off-grid life is something you are thinking about this would be a great place to start. You'll see a cow and a couple of horses as he drives to the property. You'll want to watch this off grid adventure as he scouts out this interesting bargain property. The guy in the video is just scouting the property for fun because he loves off grid house houses and off grid living. If you want to know more information about this property, you can leave him a message in the comments. Do you think an off-grid life is something you would consider?

There are many benefits to an off-grid life. One of the benefits of living in an off-grid house is closer relationships with those you live with. The extra time that you save living an off-grid life will allow you to get close to the people you live with, whether that be spending more time outdoors or working on projects together. Living an off grid life most likely means you are spending less time working and that time can be spent with the people you care about. Another benefit of an off-grid life is enhanced creativity. When you live a simplified life, you can focus better. An off-grid life is a new way of looking at things that can help you to discover a new creative interest. You might take the time to learn to refine some skills or to learn some new ones as you live a new lifestyle. You will save money. When you live an off-grid life, you will save money on heating and cooling, on transportation, expensive clothing, and food expenses to name a few.

One way that you can live an off-grid life is with solar power. Solar is a sustainable type of energy compared to traditional electricity sources that require the burning of coal or fossil fuels. Solar power uses clean solar energy immediately, without the need for any combustion. A major benefit of using solar energy is that it is a renewable resource. When using solar power, the sun fuels the solar panels, so that there is no need to worry about the rising cost of fuel prices. Solar power is a free, clean energy that is always available, so solar panels simply help to provide peace of mind. Solar power can also save you money. That is because solar energy is free. It does, however, take an initial investment to get the solar panels and the battery system in place, but once it is installed, it is sure to provide peace of mind for years to come. Solar power frees up your dependence on the grid so that you will not have to pay the utility company every month. Using solar energy is a good way to assure that your household’s carbon footprint will be significantly reduced.

You will find this video on the YouTube channel Live Radical. The channel is all about off grid life, off gird houses, traveling, living off the grid, solar, investigating sustainable and the rad emerging tech that could transform our civilization world into an eco-spiritual and harmonized blissful utopia.

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