Check Out This Cedar Shake Cottage That Has Two Lofts With Stair Case

Check Out This Cedar Shake Cottage That Has Two Lofts With Stair Case

The Cedar Shake is a gorgeous 8 foot by 24-foot tiny house with two lofts built by Molecule Tiny Homes. Covered in beautiful cedar shakes, this tiny house on wheels looks like a true cabin in the woods and could be perfect for those summer vacations on the road. Or, it could also work great in your backyard as a guest home or as a full-time home for the right person. Inside the tiny house, there is so much to love including two spacious lofts with great headspace and large windows. One of the lofts is accessed by a sturdy staircase, and a ladder accesses the other, both of the lofts also have railings for safety. There are also lots of windows in the living room, as well as a glass insert in the front entrance door which provides some light and views of the outside world. Much like the exterior, they went with mainly wood finishes including some plywood panels for the walls and tongue and groove panelling for the ceiling. The floors appear to be made out of bamboo which matches perfectly with the wood and is a great sustainable flooring choice. The ceiling also has a fan as well which will help to move the air inside the home around for great airflow and circulation. To heat the home, the builders installed a marine propane stove from Dickenson which fits perfectly on the wall leading into the kitchen. It's pretty incredible how much these little stoves can heat too.

The kitchen area features a nice little fridge, a mini RV stove and oven unit, and a range hood fan as well. There's also a small sink which is a great size that doesn't take up too much space on the countertop. There are lots of great cabinets that are all crafted out of wood and nice countertops as well. The bathroom is quite large for a smaller space and includes a sink and vanity, a toilet and a bathtub with a showerhead included. It's always nice to see bathtubs included in tiny house designs because people do love to take baths. The staircase has a second purpose as well and acts as a storage unit with cabinets and drawers worked into it. It's a good idea to fit storage wherever you can in a tiny house like this to make the best of the space and to avoid clutter and messes. Molecule Tiny Homes has a few different options when it comes to their tiny house floor plans, and they're always coming up with new plans as well. They're also up for collaborating with customers as well, so if you have an idea for your own tiny house, you can take it to them and create your own unique custom design.

When you're parking a tiny house on wheels something to keep in mind is your power source. If you have solar panels installed on your tiny house, you can park it pretty much anywhere. That's also something that Molecule Tiny Homes can add to your tiny house package for you too. They also implement natural water catchment systems which provide water from the rain and purify it so you can use it for any purpose. You can also haul in water from outside or get your own well where you can get access to water. People can also live connected to the grid in their tiny houses as well if they want to. It just all depends on personal preference as well as where you park the tiny house on wheels. Would you live in a tiny house like this full-time?

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