Copper Lake Villages Are Filled With The Most Beautiful Log Houses You'll Ever See In One Place

Copper Lake Villages Are Filled With The Most Beautiful Log Houses You'll Ever See In One Place

In the St. Petersburg area in Russia, the Copper Lake area has become a very popular area and one of the awesome projects Honka has been working on most recently. The first Copper Lake village fueled the creation and construction of a second Copper Lake village nearby. The Copper Lake villages provide people with comfortable homes in nature surrounded by trees with a lake close by. The location is also only 15 kilometres from St. Petersburg making it great for people who still work in the city. There are a total of 160 Honka houses between the two villages which is a wonderful addition to the area. Honka used all natural materials to build the homes, and they did the landscaping to suit the area as well so these homes really blend in embracing the beauty of nature. This is a great area for anyone who wants to live near the city but prefers the pace and the quiet of rural areas. The second Copper Lake area was named “Settlement of the Year 2013” and “Best Village with wooden houses” in Russia which is pretty awesome too. This is a fabulous idea that could be applied to any area and created in any country.

Each of the homes is 200 meters square to 500 meters square which is about 2,000 square feet and 5,300 square feet. So they're not small homes by any means, they are pretty regular sized, if not large homes. In the first Copper Lake development they built 45 Honka houses, then in Copperlake 2 the build 115 more Honka houses. The first edition took about 2 years from 2004-2006 and the second edition started in 2009 but is still growing. The homes are built using Honka's signature round logs or their square laminated logs depending on the individual floor plans and designs. As you can notice from the photos, these homes are gorgeous, and each of them looks a little bit different from the next. Some of them look a bit more like traditional log homes while others added some Victorian home design elements and others look a bit more modern. Most of the homes also have pools integrated into their landscaping. Plus there are community areas like the tennis courts, a sports ground, playing fields and playgrounds. There's also a developed beach area with a pier, city utility lines, a car wash, security and fire alarm systems.

These are just some of the examples of log homes and cabins you will find on the Honka website. All of their log cabins are crafted using the best, high-quality wood by their craftspeople who have years of experience. All of the wood used in Honkas log homes and cabins also comes from sustainable forests making these homes even more attractive. Honka also uses cutting-edge production technology which means their design process is also very efficient and effective. All of their log homes are first crafted in their sheltered factories, and then the pre-cut and labelled materials are then shipped out to the building site where the final project is built. This process leads to far less waste than log homes built right on the site and the timeline can be adhered to since they don't have to contend with the weather. Even if you're not in the market for a new home, looking at these designs and gorgeous log homes will inspire you. If you are looking for log home designs, these ones will be perfect to look at especially if you like a balance between the rustic log home look and a stylish contemporary look. Would you live in one of these homes in the Copper Lake village?

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