Country Inspired Interior Design Ideas

Country Inspired Interior Design Ideas

These warm and cozy interiors evoke an inviting and comfortable feeling, making you want to sit down, relax and stay a while. There is something about country interiors that people love, and its no wonder when you take a look around. Some of the country interiors you will find include a lovely rustic cabin building kitchen that has all the makings of the perfect country home design, with its antique wood stove, country style hutch, wooden table and chairs, twig light fixture, old kettle on the wood stove, and antique milk can. Not a detail is missed in making this dining area feel like a cozy country home.

Country is a design style that depends on its geographical location, but it typically uses antique wooden furniture, milk paint finishes, muted colors, and vintage fabrics. Some decorating tips for country interior design include using soft, muted colors that show a bit of wear for rustic country style. For a more contemporary country decor look, you can use a brighter color palette with accents to include black, red, or pure white to set off the country home design. Furniture details should include the flea market, and grandmothers attic finds for a country-themed home design. You want to look for furniture pieces with straight lines, painted finishes and little ornamentation. Accessories for country decor can also include handmade items, baskets, pottery, carved wooden bowls, pewter and hand-forged metal accents. For fabrics, you can use checked, floral, and striped patterns printed onto calico fabric to add visual interest and some color into the home.

Mason jars also work for country decor, and you can use them in a variety of ways to include repurposed and used in home decor. You can use painted Mason jars in muted colors or rub the jars to make them appear old. You can wrap parts of the mason jar with some twine, or fill the jar with moss and top with a succulent plant, using the Mason jar as a vase. Dried flowers are one option for those looking for a more country-inspired decor. Other DIY ideas can include hanging lavender or dried herbs in the home. These flowers look organic and appealing as well as adding some fragrance to the air. One of the main attraction of country-inspired accessories and furniture is that it is old, and vintage looking which people can't resist.

When looking for country decor ideas, think about using old items in a variety of ways. Vintage doorknobs. Use old doorknobs for everything from door and kitchen cupboard pulls to creating interesting wall features where you can hang lavender or floral arrangements. Succulents are a great idea if you are looking to add some country appeal into your home design. Try placing some succulents on some small stones or embedded into some moss. Succulents also look good when they are paired with natural elements such as branches or pieces of wood. The comfort of country style can come from the patina of age. Items that show wear from repeated use hints at the generations of people who have come before you. You want to look for linen hand towels, quilted covelets, and canvas slipcovers that are worn soft with repeated washings.

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