Creative, Rustic, Cozy, and Charming Log Cabin, Gotta See That Rowboat Shelving Unit!

Creative, Rustic, Cozy, and Charming Log Cabin, Gotta See That Rowboat Shelving Unit!

This is the inspiring story of how one couple's log cabin had a makeover done by an entire remodelling by committee. Many times when people decide to do renovations to their homes or cabins it ends up just being the homeowners doing most of the work. But when Reverand Dr. Paul Svingen and his wife Susan Baldwin were about to start a major log cabin remodel, the big project came together with the help of neighbours, their friends and the local community where they lived. Back in 1989, Susan visited a Minnesota lake area for a retreat. She later brought her husband to the same spot to go on a bicycle trip. This is when they went into one of the local real estate offices and thought they would take a look at some of the properties in the area. After looking at a simple log cabin with a dock full of goose droppings, they found themselves purchasing that log cabin. They weren't planning to buy a log cabin; they couldn't even really afford it. But with that said, it was their first property they bought together as a couple, and somehow they made it work.

For almost twenty years, they were quite happy with the simple property. It wasn't fancy, but the log cabin had plenty of visitors over the years. The couple also owned a custom built home in a nice neighbourhood, but they never had the number of guests that they had at the log cabin. Everyone always wanted to come to the little log cabin instead. So when they thought about remodelling, one of the reasons was to create more room for their guests. They also wanted to incorporate better accessibility for when they do eventually retire and move into the cabin. It was also important to them that they log home remodel be both locally friendly and environmentally friendly. They wanted to serve their local businesses and Susan thought of it as a major part of the project.

It took a bit for the right log home builder to show up. They interviewed a few but didn't feel they had found the right fit. They felt that the log home builders they talked to were showing them more of model type homes, and they wanted a log home that was more seasoned, with a broken-in feeling. They didn't mind waiting until they had the right builders for the project since this log cabin was very near and dear to their hearts.

It was when they were picking up their annual load of free wood chips from a local log home company, Red Pine Homes that they found what they were looking for. Paul went inside the to inquire if they ever did log cabin remodels. The log home company was mostly known for its new log construction but welcomed the challenge of expanding and updating the log cabin while still retaining its integrity. So after lining up the loan approval for the log home remodel, Paul, Susan, and the log home building team moved ahead on a plan to grow the 1,000-square-foot cabin to a more comfortable 2,500-square-foot layout and what they created is incredible. Now they enjoy their completely remodelled log cabin and so do all of their friends in the community.

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