Eco Living In The Greenmoxie Tiny House

Eco Living In The Greenmoxie Tiny House

Greenmoxie was originally started as a green living blog in the town of Warkworth, Ontario, Canada. In their pursuit of all things green, they thought building a sustainable tiny house building would be something they needed to explore. In September 2015 they began drawing up plans for the tiny house building. During the process, they learned a lot about building envelopes, water conservation, air quality, and renewable energy. The original intention was to build the tiny house building for the readers of the blog. However, they had so much interest in the tiny house building that they decided to build the tiny house designs for others and turn it into a business. Thus the Greenmoxie tiny eco-house was born.

The Greenmoxie sustainably built, the completely off-grid tiny house has 340 square feet of space and starts at $65,000. The eco-house is 30 feet long with a ten-ton custom built trailer platform. The tiny house building is a wood frame construction, with Norbord OSB wall, ceiling, and floor sheathing, and house wrap. The eco-building uses reclaimed modern windows with custom clerestory windows in the loft), spray foam insulation, Shou Sugi Ban (cedar siding that is charred and sealed with linseed oil), V-match pine interior and hardwood oak flooring throughout. The tiny home has reclaimed barn wood ceilings, and a corrugated black metal roof and eavestrough.

Some of the eco-building systems used include HVAC Systems, a Dickinson 9000 propane heater, Marine Stoves Little Cod wood burning stove, an Eccotemp Propane Tankless Water Heater and Lunos E2 Heat Recovery Ventilator System. The tiny house building has a Solar PV system with custom racking system, flush mounted articulated ceiling lights and LED low voltage lighting throughout. The water system is a First Flush roof water recovery system, rain barrel, ceramic water filter drinking water purifier, separate on-demand pump and accumulator, and grey water holding tank. The kitchen has an Atwood Helium propane refrigerator/freezer, and propane range. The bathroom has a Sun-Mar Excel composting toilet and custom full size stand up shower with rainfall showerhead and pan and custom reclaimed barn wood sliding bathroom door.

These are just some of the features on the Greenmoxie eco-building. This tiny house building is a good place to draw some inspiration for an eco build of your own. There are plenty of things you can do to make your home design an eco-building, and the best way to start is to do your homework and do a bit of research. The tiny house dream seems perfectly ideal and romantic. But do you think you have what it takes to go tiny? If you're nodding your head, then you might want to think about it a little more. You might want to get the best advice from people who have been living in tiny houses for at least three years, preferably longer. Although it has loads of benefits and sounds like a breeze, tiny house living might not be as easy as you first consider. The best way to realistically make your eco building and small house living dream come true is to first ask yourself a few critical questions.

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