Farmhouse Traditional With Modern Amenities The Farallon Tiny House Has it All

Farmhouse Traditional With Modern Amenities The Farallon Tiny House Has it All

Before the tiny house movement exploded Tumbleweed Tiny House Company was pretty much the only company building and offering tiny houses. This is one of the tiny house models they offer called the Farallon. There are a few different options to choose from with this model too including the 26 foot Farallon Vista L1, the 26 foot Farallon Alta L1, the 26 foot Farallon Pacific L1, and the 30 foot Farallon Alta L1. Each of the numbers is in regard to the length of the tiny house, and the name is in regard to the design and model of the tiny house. All of these tiny house models are 8.6 feet wide and 13.4 feet high which is standard for tiny houses on wheels. The models range in size from 183 square feet to 212 square feet, and all weigh around 12,000. Depending on the size and the sleeping spaces most of the tiny houses can sleep up to 4 people if needed and 2 people would fit comfortably. The Farallon includes a living space, a kitchen and a bathroom with a shower and a toilet. The loft space is above the kitchen, and there's even an option to have a bedroom area on the main floor which is nice for people who don't want to have to climb stairs or a ladder to get to the bedroom. With a main floor bedroom, you'd also have higher ceilings instead of having to crawl on the loft floor.

The living room area is generous with enough room for a sofa or built-in bench seating. The kitchen includes a built-in cooktop, sink, fridge and cabinets to make cooking in the tiny house easy. The bathroom comes with a sink and toilet with the option for a bathtub in one of the models. This tiny house also includes lots of storage which is essential for a small space. The overall look of the tiny house is very modern especially on the exterior with all of the dark metal siding and wood accents. They also included lots of windows in the design to keep it bright inside increasing the spaciousness of the home. Inside, the home is finished with wood panelling which could be painted white or left plain. All of the cabinets in the kitchen are also wood as well as the countertops. So owners can paint or finish the wood in whatever color or stain they like. Once the tiny house is parked, a deck could be built onto it to increase the livable space of the home.

Tumbleweed tiny houses can also be financed making it easier than ever to own a home or a second home. It also makes it easier than building a tiny house of your own from scratch which can be a lot of work especially if you don't have any building experience. The designs from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company are awesome too. You might be wondering how they were able to fit all of this into a tiny house design, and it really all comes down to excellent planning. These tiny houses make guest houses or cabins; some people even live in them full-time. It would be nice to have a space like this for guests to stay in especially if you live in a smaller house yourself. That way everyone has their own space and your visitors don't have to pay for a hotel when they're in town, and you can maintain your privacy and space. Would you be able to live in a small house like this full-time? Or would you just have it as a guest or vacation home?

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