From An Unassuming Barn To A Treasured Private Space

From An Unassuming Barn To A Treasured Private Space

It's amazing what can be done with an older building when it's brought back to life. Barn homes offer people a great way to have a country and a traditional style home. While some of these homes may be brand new, there is also the option of restoring an older barn and outfitting it to be a full-time residence with added insulation and electrical. Transforming a barn is no easy task, but the results are incredible, offering the charm and warmth of an older barn with the contemporary style of a newer home. House P is a barn home located in Styria, Austria that used to be an old barn that was restored and remodelled for a family to live in and enjoy as their own private space. The home features 3,550 square feet of living space and was completed in 2015 designed by Gangoly and Kristener Architekten. They created a treasure when they designed and remodelled this home that sits amongst the vineyards of western Styria. On the property, there is the main house as well as four annexes that were once used as farm buildings. The main house remained the main living quarters, and then the older barn was made into a garage and storage shed. Then the stable building and the other farm buildings were transformed into a cute guest house and a wellness space to workout in.

The home is a beautiful mixture of new and old materials, and the designers and builders kept as many of the old materials as they could for this build including some of the original wood siding. The siding was used to create screening around the home which is comprised mainly of sliding doors and floor to ceiling windows. So the barn wood screen provides that extra privacy that is needed. All of the buildings are situated very close together which is nice for efficiency purposes. Plus, they added a nice pool in the backyard of the property as well. Inside the main home, there is a mix of the full window walls and some plaster walls that have a nice curve to them at the ceiling. They also added in some built-in shelving in certain areas as well which is always a nice touch. The entrance of the main home is crafted out of the natural material which has arches and curves worked into it making for a cave-like entrance way that would stay nice and cool.

The kitchen area is stunning and open with dining space and a full island with a built-in cooktop. The clean lines of the cabinets and countertops done in a modern style really complement the older pieces in the home including the old wood side table and the kitchen table making for the perfect mix of old and new. The living room and dining area are connected, and there is access to the outdoors through the dining area. Plus, there is great built-in shelving for books and art in the living area that also provides some screening for the floor to ceiling windows. A skylight is also set in the centre of the home to bring in more light and some nice warmth from the sun as well. The master bathroom is luxurious with high ceilings and beautiful views from the windows as well as more wood screening to separate the indoors from the outdoors while still allowing light in through the floor to ceiling windows. This is a stunning barn makeover that really pulls in aspects of modern home design without completely removing the authentic qualities of the original structure, keeping history intact.***

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