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Featured Log Builder: North America Log Crafters

Handcrafted log house construction creates impressive log homes that are rich, warm and inviting.


Featured Log Builder: Sitka Log Homes

Sitka Log Homes are located in 100 Mile House, British Columbia.


Featured Log Builder: Valmer Puit

When you want high-quality log homes and cabins, going with a skilled log home builder is your best bet.


Featured Log Builder: Lincoln Log Homes

The Original Lincoln Logs is a manufacturer of superior log house and panelized log home packages located in the Adirondack Mountains region of New York State.


Featured Log Builder: Tender Nordic Log Homes

Tender Nordic Log Homes has been in the log building business for quite a while having 23 years of experience and counting.


Featured Log Builder: Highlands Log Structures

Log home builders, Highlands Log Structures from Virginia, strive to provide you with an exceptionally handcrafted log house.


Featured Log Builder: Honest Abe Lob Homes

Honest Abe Log Homes have been in business since 1979, starting as a simple log house manufacturer in Moss, Tennessee and have developed into a strong company built on trust with a focus on family.


Featured Log Builder: Hobbiton Log Homes

When it comes to log homes Hobbiton Log Homes in Estonia values craftsmanship in the construction of their homes, they are one of the largest producers of handcrafted log homes in Europe putting them on the cutting edge of log home building.


Featured Log Builder: Log Homes of Southwest Colorado

Log Homes of the Southwest are authorized representatives for Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes, one of the largest log house, cabin building and timber frame manufacturers in the country.


Featured Log Builder: EstNor Log Homes

EstNor is an Estonian based log builder creating charming log homes and cabins with a lot of character.


Featured Log Builder: ELH Palkehituse

Handmade log homes are a part of our history around the world.


Featured Log Builder: Ritsu Log Homes

Ritsu Log Homes has some beautiful designs that are worth having a look at even if you don't live in that area.


Featured Log Builder: Palmako Log Homes

Palmako Log Homes are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of square log garden houses and laminated timber in Estonia.


Featured Log Builder: Mountain Ridge Log Homes

If you're ready to build your dream log house, Mountain Ridge Log Homes in Chilliwack, British Columbia is prepared to help you make that a reality.


Featured Log Builder: North Home Log Homes

Building a log cabin or home can be easy when you find the best log builder.


Featured Log Builder: Bear Log Homes Russia

Building beautiful log homes is what Bear Log Homes Russia is all about.


Featured Log Builder: Perr Blockhaus

Perr Blockhaus is a log builder started by Christoph and Apollonia Perr in the 1950s.


Featured Log Builder: Nicola Logworks

Nicola Log Works is a custom log home builder located in the Nicola Valley of Merritt, British Columbia.


Featured Log Builder: Lake Country Log Homes

Lake Country Log Home builders from Sicamous, British Columbia are the premier developer of Handcrafted Log and Timber Frame homes.


Featured Log Builder: Blue Ridge Log Cabins

Blue Ridge Log cabin builders from South Carolina was founded in 1992, and are widely considered to be the most innovative company of its kind in America.


Featured Log Builder: Real Log Homes

Log home builders from New Hampshire.


Featured Log Builder: Estemerwalt Log Homes

Log home builders, Estemerwalt, located in Pennsylvania have a long-standing knowledge of log homes that spans more than 130 years.


Featured Log Builder: Confederation Log Homes

Confederation Log Homes knows that finding the perfect log builder for your project can be a daunting task, to say the least.


Featured Log Builder: Bear's Den Log Homes

Log home builders Bear's Den Log Homes are located in North Carolina and specialize in log homes, timber frame log homes and craftsman style log homes.


Featured Log Builder: Lakeland Log and Timber

Lakeland Log and Timber Works is a log builder that offers specialized one-on-one service for their customers from the log house design to the construction and completion of log homes or cabins.


Featured Log Builder: EcoLog Homes

Do you dream of having the perfect eco-friendly and energy efficient log house? Van Isle Ecolog Homes is a company that loves helping their customers get into the log home of their dreams.


Featured Log Builder: Zook Cabins

Whether you need to build a log cabin or prefab home, Zook Cabins is a company that specializes in providing you with the perfect setting at a fraction of the cost.


Featured Log Builder: Amish Cabin Company

Log homes are a classic and timeless type of home that many people gravitate toward.


Featured Log Builder: Timber Block

There is so much to love about Timber Block's log cabin designs and builds.


Featured Log Builder: Andersen Log Homes Company

Andersen Log Homes Company are log home builders from Walker, Minnesota who started their company in 1989 with a construction yard in Monticello, Minnesota.

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