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A Tiny Cabin Guesthouse and Garden Greenhouse Combination

Jeff’s cabin is a charming tiny house building that the owner built while building his larger sized home.


The Incredible Green Dragon Hedge Is A Work Of Art

Having a garden is one of the many pleasures in life, and if you have a garden, you know how enjoyable it can be to go out and tend to it.


Mini City Greenhouses Make Tiny Gardens For Plants and Bees

How cool would it be to walk through a city and see these cute tiny greenhouses around? One designer created had the idea of creating these cool self-sustaining ecosystems to add to the city landscape to create buildings that are alive in a sense.


Learn How to Create Compost for Your Garden

Creating your very own backyard vegetable garden is an exciting process, and there's a lot to learn including how to compost if you want to add some good nutrients to your garden.


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