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Awesome Acres


Log Cabin on 20 Acres in Wisconsin For $157K - Two Car Detached Garage!

This log cabin building has everything you need for full-time cabin living or use as the ultimate vacation home.


Remote Acreage for Sale 40 Acre Mountain Ranch Land in Arizona for $29k (EP. 5)

Take a little trip into some Arizona backcountry to check out some land that's for sale.


Can You Really Get Free Land in America?

We all know that land is always a valuable asset to have and it's usually a significant investment.


Desert Land for Sale in Arizona 5 Acres for 3.8k (EP. 4)

In Episode 4 of the Off Grid Scout, you get to tag along and see a five-acre piece of property for sale that is listed at $3,800.


Cheap Land for Homesteading! Scouting 10 Acres for $3,750, Grand Canyon Arizona (EP. 1)

If you are interested in off grid living, you will want to watch this amazing video where a beautiful piece of property is being scouted for off grid life living.


Land for Sale Off the Grid in Arizona 5 Acres for $15k with Palm Trees! (EP. 2)

Take a look at this five-acre property for sale outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.


1 Acre of Land for Sale Cheap, AZ $1,500 Lake View Off Grid!

Take a trek with Live Radical from YouTube on some vacant off grid land in Arizona.


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