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Earth Sheltered Homes: Affordable and Eco Friendly Underground Home Ideas

Not all energy efficient and eco-friendly homes are going to include the latest technologies.


The Restoration of an Old Underground, Off-grid and Eco Friendly Home

You've probably seen underground homes, especially if you've watched the Lord Of The Rings.


Pyramidal Lake House With A Glass Top. Cool Home, More Details On The Link Below

It may not be in Egypt, and it may not even be a full-on Pyramid, but this home has some incredible features that set it apart from the rest.


A Family's Eco-Home... What Better Way to Appreciate Nature Than Giving Back by Living Green?

This family eco-home located on the Gold Coast of Australia is a great example of how stylish and beautiful eco-friendly building can be.


Eco Home Distinguished by Its Nature-Conscious, Energy-Efficient & Future-Oriented Qualities

The County House Frankel is located in Hampshire, England for a retired client who chose a large construction site with a perfect and beautifully landscaped garden along with mature trees for their eco-building design in South East England.


Vaulted Panels Make These Prefab Homes Perfect for Eco Housing

Green Magic Homes have designed a new kind of living environment.


This 1960s Reno Reduces The Energy Consumption in This Eco House by 80 Percent

The Ansty Plum House is a 1960s house that had slipped through the 20 Century virtually unnoticed.


Its Sloping Green Roof Integrates this Family Home into the Hilly Landscape

Created by BLIPSZ Architecture, this incredible design was created for a client as a residential home.


Green is In - These Prefab Eco Homes Leave a Small Carbon Footprint

The Sardinia Tunnel Home is a 524 square foot eco building with two bedrooms and one bathroom.


This Massive 5-Bedroom Eco House Sports a Green Roof with Solar Panels and Skylights

Built just outside of the busy city of São Paulo, Brazil this incredible eco-house fits right into nature.


Introducing the Wikkel Eco House

The Wikkelhouse is a special tiny house that is designed and developed by Fiction Factory, a company of creative makers from Amsterdam.


This House is a Tribute of Indigenous Tribes' Pit Houses

Sometimes industry and new technology can only take us so far, and we have to look to the ways of the past for viable solutions.


What Utility Costs? Not for this Modest, Net-Zero Eco Housing in Northern Vermont

The Lewis Creek Cottage is located in Northern Vermont.


This Eco House Thrives on Solar Energy and Rainwater Harvesting

This new cabin building in Stalham Staithe, Norfolk Broads has been designed to passive house principles by London based studio Forrester Architects.


Environmentally-sensitive and Affordable, the House Arc Can be a Great Home for People on a Budget

These cute eco houses offer a new model for small living amongst other great uses.


A Grain Silo Becomes a Spacious, Eco Friendly Home

The Silo House is an eco-friendly home located in Phoenix, Arizona.


Eco Building Uses Local Materials To Blend Into The Natural Landscape

This eco building was designed to occupy the smallest possible surface so it would have as little impact as possible on the land and to show respect towards nature.


Artful Lines Everywhere You Look With This Modern Eco Housing

Casa La Roja was built in 2018 and is located in San Jose de Maipo, Chile.


A Sustainable Home in the Inner City Allows A couple to Produce Their Own Food

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a home and yard that could allow you to live in the city but still embrace a homesteading lifestyle? This home from CplusC Architectural Workshop might just be the way to go.


Rammed Earth Architecture: How Traditional Technology Continues to Influence Modern Homes

It may not look like it, but this stylish and modern home is created using one of the oldest building methods: Rammed Earth building.


Container Housing - A Marriage of Great Architectural design and Sustainability

Using shipping containers to build houses is such a genius idea that takes recycled materials and makes great use of them.


Beautifully Designed and Sustainably Built Eco Home

A simple yet beautiful and sustainable home built out in nature surrounded by endless grassy fields and trees.


Sustainable Eco Housing Gives Birth to an Extraordinary Bed and Breakfast in Chile

The Coo bed and breakfast is a place that has an unbeatable view where the volcanoes appear somewhat like a white mantle on the horizon.


Self-sufficient Living in a Well-designed Container Home

When it comes to building sustainable homes, finding the right materials is key.


Energy Efficient Eco Home with a Spectacular Contemporary Design

This eco home design in Ridgefield, Connecticut is just one example of the things you can do when it comes to building a home that is energy efficient and modern.


A Modern, Energy Efficient Home Inspired by Traditional Romanian Architecture

New sustainable and energy efficient building concepts are being revealed more and more these days, and ZeroEnergy is one of those new concepts.


This Beautiful Coastal Home was Designed with Sustainable Features

Perfectly perched on a cliff above the gorgeous Coast of Big Sur, the spectacular Fall House fits into the stunning beauty of its surroundings.


A Unique Eco-Friendly Round House From Mandala Custom Homes

Homebuilding has come a long way over the years, and for people who want something a bit different, there are some incredible design ideas out there to gain inspiration from.


This Modern Eco Housing Uses the Least Energy

This eco-housing project completed in 2008 is located in the New Forest National Park, Hampshire.

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