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The Eco Pole House in Australia Has the Perfect Surroundings

It's nice to see a home that's simple yet quite dramatic at the same time, and the Pole House is just that.


This Eco Lodge is the World's Most Luxurious Cave

The Beckham Cave might just be the worlds most luxurious cave.


The Svart Hotel Will Be The World's First Powerhouse Hotel

Most people are on board with being as eco-friendly as they possibly can, and that goes for businesses and hospitality too.


An Eco Friendly Floating Cabin With Two Levels

The Valencia-based architectural firm Mano De Santo proposed a plug-and-play hotel room that could easily be transported and installed thanks to its modular, off-grid design.


Eco Housing From Leap Factory - Prefab Designs That Go Anywhere!

This modern prefab design from Leap has smart technologies and first-class building materials that make for an innovative prefab for zero-impact living.


Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater Eco Home Unites Architecture and Nature

The Fallingwater is an incredible house merged with nature that was designed by world-renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935.


Could Easy to Build Hemp Eco Houses Be Stronger Than Brick Homes?

Living in a home made out of drywall these days is quite common, especially in places like North America.


The World's First Carbon Positive Eco Home That You Can Buy

This home has all of the comforts of a regular home, but it's a completely sustainable dwelling that's carbon positive.


IdeaBox Could Be The Ikea of Prefab Eco Houses

IdeaBox is like the Ikea of prefab houses.


A Cob Eco Home That Looks Like It's Right Out of a Story Book

Featured in many books on eco building, the Cob Eco Cottage is a charming and comfortable vacation home.


Molly's House is An Eco Friendly Island Getaway - The Views From The Patio Are Amazing!

Molly's House is an eco-friendly tiny home designed for gathering.


The First LEED Platinum Home: Affordable Eco-friendly Houses from LivingHome

LivingHome creates beautiful prefab homes that are designed to be Eco-friendly available to order.


A Bridge Over Water That's Actually A Home: The Bridge Eco House

Here's an incredible sustainable home built in Adelaide, Australia designed by Max Pritchard Architect.


Stunning Arctic Hideaway Eco Friendly Retreat - Wait Till You See Inside!

You are sure to be inspired by this architecturally stunning eco-friendly wood cabin retreat located in Northern Norway.


A Low-cost Printed Home From Housing Nonprofit New Story

Could building a house become as easy as printing off a photocopy? One charity called New Story and Icon, a robotics construction company in Austin, Texas are building 3D-printed houses in developing nations.


The Ohana

Why have one tiny house when you can have two? Viva Collectiv has done just that with their Ohana tiny house.


An Inspiring Interior Built Into a Medieval Wall in Sweden

There is nothing quite like this unique tiny house building set into a historic building.


Dome Homes Made from Inflatable Concrete

If you've been considering living an off-grid lifestyle, these simple, inexpensive, eco-friendly dome homes called Binishells make great small eco homes.


An Eco-Home Built From Mud, Straw and Clay

Have you heard about the cob houses, homes built from mud, straw, and clay? For anyone who is dreaming of living an off-grid life, this could be very inspiring.


Adventure Seekers Will Love to Spend a Night in a Skylodge

With movements like the tiny house movement, eco-homes and other types of innovative housing, people are getting incredibly creative with home design.


A Different Kind Of Eco House

This one of a kind elevated eco-house looks like a tree from the outside, and has a cozy interior living space you'll love.


Off-Grid Capsules That Promote Green Living

Dreaming of going off the grid and living a simpler, carbon-free life? Then you’ll want to check out these off-grid capsules that promote green living.


House Of Rock in Portugal

When your house is literally made out of one giant stone, it's safe to say you have a unique small house plans.


Eco Housing Vacation in The Starlight Room

How would you like to spend the night at The Starlight Room? Imagine spending a night sleeping on a mountain surrounded by gorgeous landscape under a blanket of stars.


Cabin Knapphullet Eco Cottage Fits Right Into the Landscape

This modern cottage tucked into a rocky Norwegian coastline is an architectural inspiration.


A Tiny Eco-House That Blends In

A space that is continuous with the outdoors, the Thoreau's Cabin tiny home design is an inspiring 375 square foot tiny houses design that can be found in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


Beautiful Eco Home Is Energy Efficient And Blends With The Hillside

Here's an eco-friendly tiny house design that is a great example of how architectural design can blend almost seamlessly with nature.


A Green-roofed Hobbit Eco Home

With tiny house building being more popular than ever, a company is now producing hobbit-like designs that boost energy efficiency, and all the amenities you need to live comfortably.


Modern Day Cave Man Turns A 700 Year Old Cave Into His Home

Are you inspired by people who create unusual dream homes? Then this story of how a man turned a 700-year-old cave into his home might be of great interest to you.


Inspiring Timber Stilt Eco-Home Built Around Ancient Oak Trees

There is really no limit to the imagination's creativity.

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