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Tiny Houses


West End Tiny House by Tiny in a Box Makes the Most of its Small Space

You wouldn't even be able to tell from the outside at first, but these tiny homes are made out of shipping containers.


Beautiful Tiny House Built by Shibui Woodworking on Orcas Island

This beautifully crafted custom tiny house on wheels just sold at a great price.


Vista Boho Tiny House: Modern, Luxurious, Easy to Tow, and Affordable Tiny House on Wheels with Main Floor Sleeping

Imagine having your own tiny house ready to travel with, no designing, no building needed.


Haw Creek ADU Tiny Cabin by Nanostead in North Carolina

More people desire to have extra space on their property either to rent out or to enjoy for guests and personal use.


A Woman Who Built Her Tiny House to Live in With Her Rescue Animals

After she had been living on a boat in New York City, Michelle decided to build a tiny house near Columbus, Ohio.


The Writers Haven is an Inspirational Backyard Workshop

Wouldn't it be so nice to have your very own space where you can just shut out the world and focus solely on your creative process? The Writers Cottage from Jamaica's Cottage Shop might be the perfect space for you.


Someone is Lucky Enough to Call This Tiny Victorian House Their Home

Wouldn't you love to know who was lucky enough to snag this charming Victorian tiny house? The home is at 3 Garden Road in Monroe, Maine and sold for $125,000, which is a great price for such a sweet home.


Purchase a Tiny House or Land with Georgias Little River Escape

Life gets hectic, and we all need an escape every once in a while.


Adaptable, Flatpack Minka Home Can Be Assembled in 3 Days

As we evolve, there are going to be new and different needs for home designs and construction.


Middle America Embracing Smaller Living with microMansions

Do you have the urge to have a simpler life? Maybe you're disenchanted with material things, or maybe you just want pair down the items you have to clear the way for new things to enter into your life.


Farmhouse Traditional With Modern Amenities The Farallon Tiny House Has it All

Before the tiny house movement exploded Tumbleweed Tiny House Company was pretty much the only company building and offering tiny houses.


Don't Miss The Awesome Interior Of This 675 Square Foot Tiny House Designed For A Family of Five

The Fairchild tiny house is a larger model coming in a 675 square feet designed for a family of 5.


Sweet 250 Square Foot Backyard Tiny House by New Avenue Homes

Sometimes you just need that extra little bit of space for work, your creative pursuits, or for guests to stay in.


Tiny Houses Are A Popular Choice Among Seniors To Live Out Their Retirement In Style and Comfort

The days of assisted living and retirement homes being the only options for ageing seniors are over.


504 Sq. Ft. Modern Cabin Perfect for Live/Work Lifestyle

What a cute mini house that could be perfect for any backyard space or piece of land.


This Old Silo Was Transformed into a Unique Tiny Home

If you've ever taken a drive in the country, chances are you've seen some grain silos along the way.


Tiny House Tour: Perfectly Rustic Tiny Mountain Log Cabin in British Columbia

Hand-built wooden homes are some of the warmest and coziest homes in the world.


The Huttenpalast is a Tiny House Village and Campground Inside a Factory

This unique tiny house hotel is located in Berlin's trendy Kreuzkolln district between Kreuzberg and Neukolln.


The Tiny House With The Little Yellow Door

For those considering building their own tiny house on wheels, it can really help to get perspective on the project ahead of you by reading about other people's tiny house builds.


Jason's Impressive and Affordable 800 Square Foot Barn Home

Bringing some country style into a home can make it feel more cozy and comfortable, but what about creating a home that looks like a barn? If you love all things, country than a barn home might just be the type of home for you.


A Cute Little 592 Sq. Ft. Hummingbird Tiny House That's Perfect for Retirement

Having a second home on your property is a great idea for many purposes.


California Tiny House Builder Creates Wooden Beauty on 24ft Trailer

It's a great time to build a tiny house since there are plenty of new tiny house builders across the globe, like California Tiny House building company a builder in Fresno, California.


The Cecile Tiny House On Wheels with a Convertible Roof in the Loft!

Tiny house designs just keep getting better and better, don't they? With innovative design ideas like rooftop patios and even hot tubs added onto their decks, it's no wonder these homes are attracting so much attention and fascination.


Experience the Lake Life in a Luxurious Tiny House by Whatcom Lake Cottages

Here's a fantastic luxury tiny house with so many beautiful features.


A Tiny Cabin For Sale Hidden Within The Trees!

This cabin building located in Deming, Washington feels a bit like a treehouse as it sits in the trees on a beautiful wooded property.


Anglerfish Sauna Tiny House on Wheels Take The Sauna Wherever You Go

Have you ever wanted a sauna on your property? Well with this Anglerfish Sauna, you'd be able to take it anywhere because it's on wheels.


280-square-foot Modern Tiny House on a Foundation

Cute and modern style tiny houses or quick cabins that are ready to be used in just days.


Tour the Allswell Mattress and Bedding Tiny House

Imagine a tiny house on wheels with a ground floor bedroom and a regular bed with a comfortable mattress.


Sierra Meadows: Tiny Cabin Village Near Yosemite

Enjoy a vacation exploring Ahwahnee, California just outside of the Sierra National Forest and a short drive away from Yosemite National Park.


Got Some Acres to Spare? Set up These Glamping Pods to Let

Do you have some extra space on your property and need a bit of extra indoor space? Consider these cute glamping pods from Green Eco Living in the United Kingdom.

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