Intel's Minim Tiny House Could Be the Smartest Tiny House Yet

Intel's Minim Tiny House Could Be the Smartest Tiny House Yet

This Intel Minim Smart Tiny House will blow your mind with all of its amazing abilities. Micro homes are being built all over the world, whether they're on land in the countryside or in an urban setting between larger buildings, small house design is making big waves in the way we as a society view shelter. Not too long ago people were still living in relatively small houses and people in Europe and other countries know the advantages of living small. Large houses were reserved for the rich or famous people in society and once that large house ideal became a status symbol of fortune and prosperity everyone was striving to make it their goal especially in North America.

In the United States, the average house size has doubled while the sizes of families drops. So we can clearly see that having a large house is something of a status symbol for people these days rather than serving a function to house many people. But over the years people who think outside of the box have taken an interest in tiny house design, and the movement has gained more and more momentum in the past several years. Now, hundreds of people are designing and even building their very own tiny house and living a life of simplicity over a life of too much. Too much financial stress and not enough time to enjoy life. But the tiny house movement is creating a way that makes it possible to live a life filled with what really matters instead of being a slave to consumerism.

This techy tiny house design that is 210 square feet and it's built in an urban environment making really great use of the vacant space surrounded by buildings. The house is beautifully designed and looks really stylish and modern. Another amazing feature of this small house design is the technology that it uses to run different things in the home. Intel has created a smart home operating system that runs wirelessly to your tablet or phone. This incredible system allows the home to have face recognition for a security feature which is what unlocks the doors to the house. There is also a voice command system that works the lighting in the home which is very impressive as well as a water leak detection system. Everything is accessible through your tablet, which would make things so easy and efficient. You can even lock and unlock the doors remotely.

Some tiny houses are built on wheels, which makes them much more portable and able to be moved around fairly easily depending on their size. Others are stationary, built within the perimeters that are allowed on the plot of land they take up. The average size of a tiny house design depends on the needs of the people who are going to be living in it. But there are many people seeming to go with a size of around 24 feet long if it is a tiny house on a trailer but generally regardless of if the tiny house is built on wheels or on the ground they are usually somewhere in the range of 40 to 400 square feet. This tiny house might cost a bit more than your average tiny house though because of all the technology integrated into it. A worthwhile investment for someone who has to have all of the latest gadgets.

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