Movable Tiny House Camping With The Rolling Hut

Movable Tiny House Camping With The Rolling Hut

Interest in tiny house buildings is spreading like wildfire. You have probably seen one of the shows on television, noticed the posts on Facebook or Instagram, or even read an article or two about one of these sweet little home designs on wheels. With the spotlight shining on tiny house designs, many people ask themselves if they would be able to live in a small house or not, and if it were a challenge or an experience, they would enjoy.

The Rolling Huts located in Mazama, Washington in Methow Valley are some of the cute tiny houses you can gain some more tiny house inspiration from. These small homes were built to be cabins for camping in and were designed by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects in Seattle. They are also environmentally-friendly units since they sit slightly above the ground which doesn't affect the ecosystem surrounding the building as much as conventional building may. Each of the tiny cabins is a mere 240 square feet and they look quite modern and even futuristic from the outside. Propped up on stilts with wheels at the bottom, the cabins can roll from one location to the next quite easily making them ideal for a campsite or an RV lot. The tiny houses have decks on the outside that are covered which provides some extra livable space. They used a mixture of steel and wood to complete the homes which looks very natural yet contemporary too.

Inside, there is actually plenty of space for a living room area with a little fireplace to warm the cabin. The windows also help make the interior feel more spacious too. They installed windows at the ceiling height as well as full height windows that allow great views of the surrounding landscape. The living room features built-in bench seating made out of wood, but regular furniture could also be integrated into the design too. The bench seating is nice though since it provides more storage space as well as seating space. There is also a kitchenette equipped with a mini-fridge, a microwave and a coffee maker.

Further back in the tiny house is the small bedroom with a built-in bed that has storage beneath it and shelving as well. Then the bathroom is at the very back of the tiny house in its own separate area. They also used wood throughout the interior of the home which makes it feel very warm and inviting especially with the wood fire going. Not everyone enjoys camping, and some would rather spend a weekend in a modern hotel given the choice. This gives people the option to camp but also stay in a more modern space with all of the amenities they want to have on hand. The other nice thing about these tiny cabins is that you know you'll be nice and warm throughout your stay which is often not the case when tenting on the cold hard ground. Would you enjoy spending some time in one of these cabins? Or maybe you'd even be interested in having one to live in full-time or to use as a guest house.

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