Nature Lover Log Cabin Haven on Pine Mountain, So Cool!

Nature Lover Log Cabin Haven on Pine Mountain, So Cool!

This mountain log cabin retreat is perched near the top of Pine Mountain, in Tennessee. This cozy cabin building has the best of both worlds; it's surrounded by nature yet only minutes from dining and entertainment in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. On a clear day, you can watch the sunrise over the mountains without leaving the warmth of your king size bed. The Appalachian style cabin building is ideal for two people. There is also room enough for an additional two people on the pull out sofa downstairs. You can hike to the top of Pine Mountain, it's only a 20-minute hike from the wood cabin, but it is considered a challenging hike because of fallen trees. This Pine Mountain cabin building is available for rent on Airbnb.

This rustic wood cabin in the mountains has a fireplace that is open from October 1 to May 1, so on those cold nights, you can cozy up in front of the fire and relax at the end of the day. The cabin building is only a short drive to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. From there you can go through the forest along the rushing mountain river if you've never stayed in a cabin building before this is the place to see, as you will experience the traditional true log cabin building experience with hand-hewn logs and rugged wood and stone textures throughout. The logs and stone have a naturally aged wood and stone patina that gives this cabin building its unique rustic charm. If you've never stayed in a log cabin building before it's a one of a kind vacation, one where you can enjoy all the amenities of home while being surrounded by nature.

There are a variety of reasons that building log cabins is so popular, with one of those reasons being sustainability. Every building material that is used begins with the extraction of natural resources and ends with the disposal. The only truly sustainable and renewable building material is wood, which begins with logging. The extraction, the processing, manufacturing, and the eventual disposal of building materials is a complex web of economic activity and energy consumption. The full life cycle of a building material describes the impacts that the building material will have on the environment from start to finish. The impacts of building materials can have various measures, to include energy consumption, carbon balance, and water use.

Wood is the most environmentally-friendly building material that humans have at their disposal. For these reasons, any eco-conscious person should be considering wood as a building material over other natural building resources. With that said if you are considering wood for your cabin building, you want to make sure that the wood you are getting for your build comes from a sustainably managed forest. Tree harvesting is when the extraction process begins that later gives you logs and wood to be used in things such as wood cabins, home designs, paper products, and furniture.

Trees are a building material that grows back after they are harvested. Other natural resources to include metal ores, coal, petroleum, and natural gas do not grow back after they are extracted. No matter how much people try and reduce, reuse, and recycle, only wood from trees are renewable. The extraction and the processing of wooden building materials take far less energy, carbon, and water than any other of the raw building materials. A healthy forest industry can contribute to both the economic health of communities and contributes to their environmental health. These are all factors that you want to think about when considering the type of home design you want to build.

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