One of a Kind Tiny House with Rooftop Balcony

One of a Kind Tiny House with Rooftop Balcony

This one of a kind tiny house on wheels comes with everything a home needs and even a rooftop balcony. The home cost around $39,500 when it was being sold in 2016, and it is well worth that price. The home was handcrafted, and there were many custom touches added to it too. Like the brand new custom 18 foot deck over trailer with dual 3500-pound axles. The entire home is about 200 square feet which includes the loft space. There are also two main level entry doors and a smaller door leading from the loft to the rooftop hangout. In total, there are also ten windows that allow in a lot of light and offer views of the outside world. They also included eleven 120-watt outlets, and 4 of them have built-in USB charging capabilities. There are 12 lights throughout the home as well with four on dimmer switches.

The kitchen is a great space in this tiny house design with high-efficiency appliances including an electric refrigerator and freezer, propane a propane two burner cooktop, and a convection oven. There's also an on-demand water heater in the home which is perfect for hot water any time it's needed. Storage is always something that's very important in any tiny house, so they were also sure to include plenty of shelving and cabinets. There are over 50 of them throughout the house, and they're all handcrafted. Moving on to the bathroom, there is a composting toilet which is great for off the grid situations, and there is also a bathtub and a shower. Also a fan and a built-in medicine cabinet with a sink and vanity. The shower rod is even custom created out of copper, and there is a sliding barn door to close up the bathroom for privacy.

In the living room, there is a nice little wood burning stove and a built-in bench seat surrounding it so it would be easy to cozy up around the fire on a colder day. Beside the bench sofa, are the stairs that lead up to the bedroom loft which also function as storage cabinets too. This is a great way to have items in the small home work double duty for the owners. The home also features hardwood flooring throughout, fully insulated floor, walls and ceiling. There is also a space left open to store solar batteries to implement solar power in the home. This tiny house is a great example of a home that can be built very affordably. There are tiny houses being built that cost quite a bit more than this one, but the reason for that is the more expensive homes include a lot of luxury items. This one of a kind tiny house is a great example of what can be built using affordable materials and sticking to the basics. You can always upgrade the tiny house as time goes on, it's just a matter of building it to the point that is comfortable and livable at first.

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