Silo Tree House Living in The Santarella

Silo Tree House Living in The Santarella

In Tyringham, Massachusetts you will find the Santarella Tiny Cabin Silo. This tiny house building is like no other you will see with a wooden interior and a high ceiling that gives it almost a fairy tale feel. The canopy bed sits in front of a window with shutters, and above that, there is a large window to let in plenty of natural light. Located within the forest this tiny house building is the perfect place to spend some quiet time surrounded by nature.

The Santarella is a honeymoon tiny cabin building on a beautiful garden estate with a few other wood cabins on the property. This silo tiny cabin is the perfect getaway for two people. It is also great inspiration for your own future tiny house building project and an example of what you can do by reusing an older historical structure like this silo and turning it into a wonderful tiny house building to live in or let others enjoy. The Santarella is quite beautiful with its use of wood, the large window and the very high ceilings. This inspiring tiny house design is a good example of taking something old and making it new again. There are so much character and charm in this cabin building that you will be inspired for a unique tiny building of your own.

The Santarella wood cabin is available to rent at the Airbnb site and is open year-round. This charming one bedroom cottage was a former sculpting studio on the Santarella Estate in Tyringham, Massachusetts. It is also known as the Silo Studio Cottage. There is a bedroom in the tiny house building with a canopied queen bed upstairs and a sitting room with a window bench-seat, table, coffee table, and chairs, a kitchenette area with wet bar with micro-fridge coffeemaker, toaster and a bathroom with shower downstairs. You can fall asleep to the sound of the bubbling brook and views to a forest and pond from the large screened openings upstairs, just like living in a tree-house. The tiny wood cabin accommodates two and is situated on four acres including a beautiful lily pond, lovely gardens, running brooks and two-acre woods.

The Santarella tiny cabin building is located in a magical setting with garden paths, a lily pond, a brook with stone bridges, stone bench seating area with a chiminea and firewood. The lovely little town has a beautiful swimming pond about two miles away. The treehouse cottage is located on the Santarella Estate which is surrounded by storybook architecture and gardens. This tiny cabin building is located in the Tyringham Valley, which is tucked away 3.5 miles from Massachusetts I-90, and its a place that feels like you have stepped back inside. The tiny silo cabin is just one of the unique tiny house buildings you will find at Santarella. The history of Santarella goes back to 1739, when the town of Tyringham, Massachusetts was first settled. Shortly after that, the colonial home design was then built on the site. Its most famous resident was the English sculptor Sir Henry Hudson Kitson, who was best known for the Lexington Minuteman and the Plymouth Rock Maiden statues in Massachusetts, as well as some Civil War sculptures and bas-reliefs in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Small house living is more popular than ever, with tiny houses popping up all over the world, and it's no wonder with all the unique designs, styles and plans that are available.

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