Silverthorne Tiny House Plans Offer More Than Meets The Eye

Silverthorne Tiny House Plans Offer More Than Meets The Eye

The Silverthorne tiny house design from Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes is one of their gooseneck home designs built on a gooseneck trailer offering a bit more space. Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes is a tiny home builder out of Durango, Colorado that has been building tiny houses since 2013. This design features a 24-foot long trailer deck with a 7-foot long neck, for a total of 31 feet for the home design. Building on a gooseneck trailer allows there to be more space within the home which is great as you can see in this floor plan. On the exterior, the home looks beautiful and rustic clad in some reclaimed barn wood, some galvanized metal siding and wood shakes. They went with a shed style roof which creates a nice, modern profile and creates more space within the home, and added some nice small windows at the ceiling height to bring in more light. The home is entered through the large French doors with glass inserts, into the living room area where there is a living room and then a dining area. In the centre of the home, there is also a wood burning stove to keep the space nice and warm in colder weather. Then, there is the kitchen featuring apartment sized appliances and lots of countertop space. They also included a closet with an entertainment center as well which is great since having extra storage is always wonderful in a tiny house.

On the very end of the tiny house is where the utility space and the bathroom are and above is the second loft which can be reached by a ladder. The entire space is painted white to help keep it light and airy, with blue and green accents for some colour. They added some industrial style light fixtures to bring a cool vibe into the home and decorated the fireplace surround with beautiful blue tiles. Adding a large circular blue rug makes the space feel bright but cozy at the same time, and everything about this design just works so beautifully together creating a fresh, bright space that's very much in style right now. Another hidden feature in the design is the little desk that pulls out from under one of the kitchen countertops to provide some extra table space. Multifunctional furniture is a key part of any tiny house design, and it just makes everything flow so much better within the small space.

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses started out in 2011 when Greg Parham took an interest in the Tiny House Movement, but they didn't officially start building houses until 2013. Greg got a link from a friend showing him someone who was living in one of these tiny houses on wheels and that was it for Greg. He knew he wanted to downsize and move into one of these right away. Even though he didn't have much money to his name back then, he worked hard to get his tiny house up and ready to live in. Then soon after, he was inspired to start his own business around building and designing Tiny Houses on wheels. He loves to design and build tiny houses for people to make their tiny house dreams become a reality. The tiny houses he builds have a lot of character, and each one is completely unique thanks to his innovative designs and use of different recycled and reclaimed materials. If you are inspired by Greg's story, maybe you'd like to build a tiny house of your own or have a company like Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses build one for you. The interest in tiny houses is definitely growing which is making it easier and easier to build and live in the tiny house of your dreams.

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