Stunning Arctic Hideaway Eco Friendly Retreat - Wait Till You See Inside!

Stunning Arctic Hideaway Eco Friendly Retreat - Wait Till You See Inside!

You are sure to be inspired by this architecturally stunning eco-friendly wood cabin retreat located in Northern Norway. The Arctic Hideaway is a stunning collection of five individual eco-friendly cabin buildings on the remote island of Sorvaeret. The cabin building design was thought up by jazz musician and composer Havard Lund and designed by the local Norwegian architect firm, Fordypningsrommet. The Arctic Hideaway is a cluster of cabin buildings on the edge of a tiny island in the Fleinvaer Archipelago deep within the Arctic Circle of Northern Norway. If the location doesn'et sound intriguing enough, the cabin buildings are just as visually stunning as the location that they sit.

They may look like a typical set of cabin buildings, but what's unique about the Arctic Hideaway is that instead of renting one room, the entire set of cabin buildings is available to rent together. This means that you can rent out the kitchen, studio, sauna, bathrooms, and all five if the cabin buildings which includes up to ten beds. Renting out all of the cabins means that you will have your own private space and will be the only the caretaker will be in the vicinity.

If you rent out the Arctic Hideaway you will need to bring your supplies, although you can organize the food you will eat while on your stay with the management team for an additional fee, and you will also have the caretaker close by to help with any practical matters that you might need. Because of the Arctic Hideaways location clost to the Arctic circle, if you visit around the month of September you have a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights above the archipelago. The cabiln buildings are strategically placed across the terrain, with each of the buildings offering scenic views of the ocean and nearby isles while also offering its guests the chance to get away from it all, and enjoy some nature and quiet.

Initially the cabin design was meant as a workplace to use as a writing cabin for the owner, but as time went on, the owner felt an urge to share this lovely space and landscape with others. So the intent later on was to create a workspace unlike anything else found in the world. So years later the design team set out to design a workspace where artists, musicians and other creative people could rent out the cabin rooms for a variety of different timespans. The building has been designed to be a place of reflection and immersion to gain a full perspective of the scenic site.

To design the cabins the architects carried out a three-dimensional scan of the building site, conducted in corporation with architectural students from NTNU (Norwegian University of science and technology). So as not to disturb the rugged beauty of the site, the design team decided to construct smaller cabin buildings that were elevated above the ground. They took care to inflict as little interference as possible on fleinvaer. They successfully achieved that by making good pathways, spaces between the cabin houses, and a common fireplace area, so to steer the foot traffic away from the isles more sensitive areas

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