Sweet 250 Square Foot Backyard Tiny House by New Avenue Homes

Sweet 250 Square Foot Backyard Tiny House by New Avenue Homes

Sometimes you just need that extra little bit of space for work, your creative pursuits, or for guests to stay in. That's what couple Kelly and Travis were looking for when they went to New Avenue Homes, a company offering new building, renovation, and addition services all over the United States. They begin with a consultation by a local professional in your area to meet with homeowners in their homes to talk about their ideas and goals. They also go over permit regulations and provides an estimate or a proposal for the work that needs to be done. They ask for a one time fee of $300, which will allow them to start the project. It's nice because they let you know exactly how much the project with cost and how long it will take. Prospective clients can take their questionnaire to plan out their vision. Having a set goal in mind for the end result helps everyone move along smoothly. They even have a project management app that shows you all of the paperwork involved in your project. So you can review everything right at home and ask for any revisions as well as send messages to your crew. Once the plans are decided upon, they can get the permits to start building and get going on your build so you can be using it as soon as possible.

Kelly and Travis had a great experience with New Avenue Homes when they built their multipurpose backyard room in addition to their Oakland, California home. The company built a 250 square foot building that can be used for everything they needed and more. They use it for a guest house when they have guests staying the night or for a house or pet sitter. The couple also uses it for a laundry room and an office or studio space too. The construction on the project took 6 months, but that didn't include getting the custom designs for the space, getting the permits to build and surveying the yard which usually takes another 6 months or so. They also had to remove trees and upgrade the utilities before the actual construction could begin. When all was said and done, the project cost them $116,700. A project like this can expect to take at least 18 months to complete in full sometimes more if there are other challenges with the building site. For example, having the poor access to their backyard meant that the crews had to hand carry everything in and out of the property from the neighbours yard. Often people don't consider these aspects of building an accessory dwelling unit that can make the project take longer to build.

Now, the couple has a great little backyard house that they enjoy working from home in since they adopted a baby shortly after it was finished. Now when guests come, they can stay in the backyard house so the family can maintain their schedule. It works perfectly for overnight guests as it includes a bathroom as well as laundry units. The other nice thing is that New Avenue Homes was able to match the new build to the couple's existing home right down to the colour of paint and trim as well as the stucco. Inside the guesthouse, they were able to add a queen sized bed, a desk a TV on a stand, and the bathroom. It's nice that they implemented some old antique touches like the old doors to bring some character to the space. The guest house opens up to the backyard, which is a calm and serene space.

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