Take a Tour of a Blue Cottage With a Fantastic Kitchen and All the Right Details

Take a Tour of a Blue Cottage With a Fantastic Kitchen and All the Right Details

Downsizing doesn't have to be too intense of a move; you can always move into a smaller home or a condo. This tiny house shows how cute living smaller can be. The Blue Beauty Cottage is a super cute laneway tiny house located in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Even though it only has 950 square feet of space, it comes with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It's tucked away in a laneway in the Trout Lake Park neighbourhood making it one of the smaller homes in the area. It's placed at a 3-way lane intersection making good use of the property and space on the street. Laneway homes are becoming more and more popular in city settings as there is less space to put homes and apartment buildings. They can be tiny like this one, and even smaller if need be, or they can be a bit larger depending on what the property can manage.

Another great idea for those living in cities with older homes in them is restoring older and smaller homes to bring them back to life and give them a new fresh design. This tiny house in the laneway has some very beautiful finishes, which gives it a lot of character. They even added some cute rounded windows in the home as well, which adds a bit of curiosity and style. The home has attractive blue siding that is in a very deep blue color and then they accented that with white and navy blue trim and grey shingles. The yard surrounding the home is also very welcoming and beautiful with lots of greenery and plant life to enjoy. A wooden door under a covered porch is the entrance way into the home and once inside you can see how beautifully they finished it.

The ceiling opens up in the living room, bringing the eye upward to the ceiling to create the illusion of more space. The dining room and living room share the same space, but it doesn't feel cluttered at all. Built-in shelving holds the TV, a fireplace and shelves for books and other items on display. The French doors on the other side of the room open up to the garden, which is a nice way to let some of the outdoors inside the home and open it up even more. The kitchen is a very generous size with tons of cabinets and lots of counter space. All of the full-sized stainless steel appliances are perfect for making great meals at home, and the dishwasher will be perfect for clean up afterwards.

There's also a great pantry in the kitchen which is perfect for storing food and other items. A staircase is right by the kitchen leading to the upper floor of the home. Up there are the two bedrooms and one of the bathrooms. The bedroom is a nice size and could even fit a double or queen sized bed, but it works great for a kids bedroom too. The bathroom includes a vanity and sink with lots of storage and a toilet as well as a shower and bathtub. The home did have some challenges for its design, though since there is a downward slope toward the lane. This slope increased the budget, but it also gave the new owners a nice view of the city, which was very accepted by them. So sometimes, not all of the challenges we face when building a home are bad. This home would be great for a couple, single person or a small family to live in and enjoy life to the fullest while enjoying a simpler way of life.

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