The Ad Astra - To The Stars 24-Foot Tiny House Built For A Kansas Couple

The Ad Astra - To The Stars 24-Foot Tiny House Built For A Kansas Couple

Back in 2018, Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses added a new tiny house design to their collection of models. This one is called the Ad Astra which is Latin and translates to - To The Stars in English. The home was custom created for a fun couple living in Kansas who wanted a unique custom design from the company. Originally, the home was to be parked in Kansas, but as the design progressed the couple's plans changed, and they chose to live in Portland, Oregon after all, which is no problem when you're living in a tiny house because you can take the home wherever you want since it's on wheels. It can literally travel down life's roads with you and could also be a great vacation home or guest home to park on land down the line. The design was customized from the company's Pequod design which the couple really liked. The tiny house is built on a Trailer Made 8 foot wide by 24-foot long dual axle trailer that was made in Denver, Colorado. They built the home with a shed roof to maximize the space inside and to make it look more modern as well. On the exterior, they used cedar lap siding and recycled corrugated metal siding with an aged look for a more rustic and worn in appearance. On the inside, they went with mainly neutral colours including white on the walls and black for the trim. But when it came to decorating it, they incorporated some blues and greens.

One of the best features of the exterior of this home is the large wrap-around deck that folds up or down. The deck can be folded up against the house when it's travelling down the road, and then folded down to be a deck that's ready to go. There are three parts to the deck making it easy enough and light enough for one or two people to handle on their own. There's also a serving window on the home that goes into the kitchen area making it great for patio dining. On the back of the tiny house, a storage shed is built right onto the home for outdoor gear. Inside, they finished the floors with engineered bamboo flooring with a hand-scraped finish to match the trim and accents. It features a U-shaped kitchen with white cabinets and a lazy Susan for smart storage. There's also some secret storage under the sink too that would be good for items that don't need to be accessed every day.

The countertops in the kitchen are a cool modern concrete finish created in house by one of the company's talented craftspeople. A white sink is also incorporated into the kitchen as well as a full oven and stove unit. There's also a large fridge in the kitchen too. For the dining table, they created a nesting table that has two cubes for seats with storage inside, a bench, and a 48-inch long table with fold-up ends to make it larger. For the bathroom, the customers chose an all in one vanity and sink and frameless mirrored medicine cabinet. The toilet is a Nature's Head Composting Toilet, so the home doesn't need to be hooked up to sewage. They even got a bathtub with white subway tile around it. Since the couple has pets, the builders created a staircase that had some features for their animal friends. Including a built-in glass gecko cage and storage for cleaning and food. Their kitty also gets their own litter box area under the steps with a vent leading outside — what a great tiny house design with so many awesome features.

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