The Escape One XL Tiny House Sleeps Up to Eight People!

The Escape One XL Tiny House Sleeps Up to Eight People!

The Escape One XL is a great way to have the freedom you need with a tiny house on wheels. The Escape One XL has 388 square feet of space with an 11-foot ceiling in the kitchen. This tiny house on wheels gives you the freedom to move your tiny house when you need to, so you aren't tied into one place. This tiny house has so much space it sleeps up to eight people. The exterior is clad in charred wood for a look you are sure to love. The Escape One XL has a boxy design, with large With a boxy design clad in timber, and large windows throughout the two levels connected by a staircase. With a tiny house on wheels, you don't need a foundation, so it offers quick set up whenever you move.

Inside the Escape One XL, raw lodgepole pine is used with pine trim. Laminate flooring, with an option for oak hardwood. There are two sleeping lofts at either end of the tiny house, each with five-foot ceiling heights. One of the lofts is above the private bedroom and is accessed by a full-size staircase, while the other loft is located over the enclosed bathroom and can be reached via a ladder. Options for this tiny house design include a queen bed, full or twin beds. The upstairs can sleep up to six depending on the beds that you choose, while the downstairs can sleep another two. There is plenty of closet space and drawers that are built into the staircase to maximize the useable area. The bathroom in the Escape One XL has a 60-inch bath/shower, a vanity unit and a toilet.

The tiny house on wheels has wood siding that is charred using the Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban. There are large windows that let in plenty of natural sunlight into the wood-lined interior. There is a high-efficiency split system air conditioner with heat pump and an LP furnace with thermostat. Baseboard heat is also included. Solar Power and Off-Grid features are available.

On the first floor, there is a multi-purpose first-floor living first-floor living area. The multi-purpose room includes LED lighting, plenty of storage, panoramic and opening windows. The first floor can also be the dining area and office or bedroom/living room or multi-purpose room; the sky is the limit. French doors are available to create a large private space with windows. The huge upper loft has LED Lighting, panoramic plus opening windows, a nearly five-foot ceiling. The upstairs is perfect for a large bedroom, office, living space, or playroom; the second front loft can be used for sleeping or storage. Kitchen options include maple cabinetry, a deep sink, designer faucet and under counter fridge/freezer, solid butcher block countertops and upper shelving are included. Options include large appliances, small appliances or a cooktop if you prefer. This beautiful tiny house on wheels feels spacious inside with beautiful wood finishes and is perfect for all of your small house living needs.

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