The First LEED Platinum Home: Affordable Eco-friendly Houses from LivingHome

The First LEED Platinum Home: Affordable Eco-friendly Houses from LivingHome

LivingHome creates beautiful prefab homes that are designed to be Eco-friendly available to order. This eco home you see here is the first LivingHome, designed by Ray Kappe which was set up in only eight hours. It was also the first home to become LEED certified with a Home Platinum rating. There are weekly scheduled tours of this home in Santa Monica, Friday's from 1-2pm for those who want to have a closer look. Although, if you're not in the area, you can still have a good look at it right here. The First LivingHome has a stunning modern design that fits any landscape with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. Overall, the home has 2,500 square feet which is a great size for a family home. From the first design created by Ray Kappe for LivingHome, he created several more designs for them. The design you see here can be used for any other project and can also have 4 or 5 bedrooms with 3,100 square feet. The urban oasis features plenty of windows that expose great views and create continuity with the outside world while maintaining privacy. The larger design costs around $884,000.00 to $1,340,500.00 to complete and comes with all of the materials needed to build the home.

Ray Kappe well known for residential architecture which is called the 'the apotheosis of the California House.' He creates all of his homes with a sense of luxury and expansiveness which is what people love so much about these homes. He's also designed commercial buildings and has taught at California Polytechnic State University, but he continues to learn more about design all the time. It's awesome that now people can enjoy his designs as their homes and that he's created such a practical application of his designs and concepts. The materials list includes exterior siding from James Hardie Siding, doors and Windows from Andersen Windows, Technology Learning Thermostat from Nest, Energy Monitoring System from CurrentCost EnviR, interior doors from Thermatru, flooring from Millstead Cork Floors, bathroom tiles from Mosa Tile, kitchen and bathroom cabinets from Merillat Cabinets, all countertops from Staron. They also include the kitchen appliances from GE Appliances, plumbing fixtures from Kohler, a washer and dryer from GE Appliances with optional upgrades for any of these items. The materials that are not included are the external air conditioning and heating units, site preparation (foundation, utility set up, etc.), transportation to the site from their factory, installation, building permits, landscaping and utility connections.

The homes are built at Plant Prefab, a company that LivingHome created to be a prefabricator of their own designs as well as other companies designs. They are focused on keeping production costs and waste low to result in buildings that are also sustainable to produce. Customers can get LivingHomes designs and customize them to create their own design, or they can take the design as is and order a home. They work with each client to bring them the best home design for their needs. So they're always open to hearing exactly what their customer wants and exploring new ideas and design concepts. LivingHomes has a goal to create homes that inspire people and that make modern life easier and more eco-friendly. Each of their homes includes natural, sustainable and non- toxic materials which not only helps the environment but it also helps us be more healthy too. They've actually built more LEED approved homes than any other firm in their area. They make eco-friendly look stylish and modern without costing an overwhelming amount of money, and that's something everyone can get behind.

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