The Hanover Log Home Has a Flexible and Open Floor Plan

The Hanover Log Home Has a Flexible and Open Floor Plan

Not only is it beautiful, but it's also energy efficient. The Hanover is just one of the log home floor plans that you will find on the Coventry Log Homes site. This 1,344 square foot log home floor plan has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and is spread out onto two floors. The log home is available in a logs only packages, or you can buy the complete log home package with sub-floor, and roof system included. Prices start at $$45,850. The Hanover has an open living room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom with bathroom and walk-in closet and covered porch on the first floor. This beautiful log home floor plan is a nice size to use as a vacation log home, guest house or retirement log home. Coventry Log Homes have four different log home floor plans to include the Craftsman Series, the Tradesman Series, the Cabin and the Timber Frame Series of log home floor plans. They will also be happy to modify their existing log home floor plans to make them suitable for your lifestyle and needs.

Designing and building a log home is an exciting and fulfilling process. Some of the steps in the log home process include choosing a log home floor plan. You might choose a standard log home design, or you might opt to have a custom log home floor plan design. Once you have the log home floor plan in place, you will get all the details in writing, and at this point, you will get a price estimate from Coventry Log Homes. This is when things start to get exciting because you will then get the log home floor plans drawn up and ordered. Once your log home floor plan is ordered and approved, you can then order your log home. When your log home is ordered, you can expect a seasonal six to eight week order time. Then your Coventry Log Home will be delivered and unloaded; now you are ready to build the log home of your dreams. Building a log home is still something that many people all over the world dream of doing.

A log home is an economical and environmentally good decision. Log homes are a smart decision regarding saving money on your heating and cooling bills. In the winter logs will keep the heat in, and in the summer the logs will keep your home cooler, a win, win situation. And when you purchase a log home that uses logs from a sustainably managed forest, you are ensuring that there will be forests for future generations, by using a renewable resource.

The Coventry Log Homes website has a wide variety of log homes and log cabins available to choose from. You will find log homes that you can live comfortably all year long, and log cabins that you can use for summer vacations and getaways. There is a log home design, style, plan, and size that is sure to fit every lifestyle and need. If you just need a small log cabin for use as a backyard office, artist studio or writers retreat there is a log cabin floor plan to choose. And if you need something larger to accommodate a large family and guests, you will also find a log home floor plan that will be suitable. Log home living is a comfortable and durable type of home build, one that you will enjoy and a place where you will have years of treasured memories for you and your family.

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