The Interior Design Of The Peace Log Home Is Incredible

The Interior Design Of The Peace Log Home Is Incredible

The Peace Design log cabin building is stunning. Not a detail has been missed in this lovely log house design with its gourmet kitchen with double oven, exposed log beams, lots of windows in the dining area, wooden kitchen cabinets, country light fixtures, and stonework. The log house has a rustic and classic appeal with all of the updated amenities you'd expect in a luxury log house design. Some of the details you will find in this stunning log house include stainless steel appliances and beautiful kitchen countertops throughout the kitchen area. Even though the lighting fixtures are made to look antique, they also have a modern appeal to them too.

Some of the other rustic details in this beautiful log house design include the beautiful handmade log furniture and ladder in the bedroom which creates a truly unforgettable home design. Wholesale Log Homes is a log house company that has been helping log house builders and homeowners to create beautiful log homes of any size since 1972. This log house company builds premium affordable, quality log products and service. Their log houses designs are made of Western Red Cedar, Eastern White Pine, and Douglas Fir log and timber building products. You'll be amazed at the photo gallery of this log house company with log house interiors, rustic log houses, modern log houses, luxury log house interiors, mountainside log house designs, great rooms, exposed log and timber beams designs, log lookouts, lodges and so more.

Handcrafted log house designs have been built for hundreds of years in Scandinavia, Russia and Eastern Europe, and were typically built using only the simple tools of an axe and knife. The Scandinavian settlers of New Sweden brought their craft to North America in the early 18th century, where the other colonists and Indigenous people quickly adopted the building techniques. Wholesale Log Homes sell their logs wholesale and also encourage customers to buy their building materials locally. That way you are supporting local businesses, and you are saving money too. The company sells pre-organized building packages which makes it much easier than purchasing all of the building items separately. When buying a log house from them, the customer helps to design their log home, and then they supply the graded logs, the timbers, and other building materials. Then all of the other cabin building supplies like the windows, doors and other items can be purchased at local stores. Wholesale Log Homes eliminate the middle-person, and so you're buying direct.

The interior design of this stunning log house is a good place to look for inspiration if you are considering a log house build. With rustic details such as the timber and stone combined is a look that has been used for hundreds of years, and what often gives log house builds its cozy and rustic appeal that people all around the world love so much. Both of these building materials can usually be found in the location where you live, and quite often will come from the building site where you are building if you are building the log house yourself.

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